“RHOSLC” Heather Gay Claims That Production Made Her Imply That Someone Gave Her A Black Eye


She is speaking out to share her side of the story and to set the record straight.

The “Real Housewives of Salt Lake City” star Heather Gay is coming forward to claim that the production made her imply that someone gave her a black eye when in reality, she doesn’t know who did it.

RHOSLC Heather Gay

According to information gathered by the Instagram account Mr. Housewives, the reality star was under pressure from the show’s producers to remain silent and to imply that someone in the group was responsible for her black eye.

As we previously reported, Gay has a frightening black eye that is quite obvious if you pay careful attention to the season three promo for “RHOSLC,” which was released earlier this year.

During her confessional, the television personality said she can’t remember what happened and isn’t talking about it since it breaks the first fight club rule.

Her co-stars, Lisa Barlow, Danna Bui-Negrete, and Whitney Rose, all speculate that it was Jen who gave her the disturbing black eye. Meanwhile, Twitter users believe Heather deliberately leads people to think Whitney hit her.

Heather Gay

On the other hand, as per new information, the real housewife has trouble remembering specific details, but she does believe that she fell in the restroom and hit her head on the sink.

Production then said they had video of the incident and would hold onto it until the reunion to keep it a secret about who gave her the black eye. As the season came to a close, they also wanted her to maintain that she knew who had hurt her.

But as it turns out, there was no footage of what happened, leaving Heather and everyone else confused about what happened. Heather then accuses production of fabricating her story to make her look like a liar when in reality, she was only following instructions.

The Bravolebrity also wanted to inform her fellow housewives that she was innocent and had no idea what had transpired, but producers kept instructing her not to.

Heather is just one of many reality TV stars who have come forward with claims of being exploited by production. In recent years, there have been reports of reality TV stars being instructed to lie or exaggerate events to stir up controversy.

It’s well-known that producers often manipulate storylines and try to get cast members to say things that aren’t true. So, it is essential to remember that reality TV shows are often heavily edited and that what we see on TV is not always the reality of the situation.

Although naturally, producers want to make compelling television, it’s obviously wrong to have people tell lies. It’s time for producers to start being more open and respectful of their talents.

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How heather gay wants us to act every time she acts mysterious about her eye

only one person can tell us what actually happened to Heather Gay’s eye #RHOSLC

All in all S3 is really the downfall of Heather Gay Which is disappointing to witness as a viewer and a former stan. She was everything her first 2 seasons. S3? Lying about a black eye for a ratings pr stunt and defending Jen Shah's criminal activity is unjustifiable. #rhoslc

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