The Fall of Kathryn Dennis: Why Southern Charm’s Original Star Was Fired After 8 Seasons


She has been a part of the series since its inception; therefore, her termination represents a significant change for it.

Kathyrn Dennis has been fired from the hit reality show “Southern Charm” after eight seasons. This surprises many, given her central role on the show, and her firing will undoubtedly alter the program’s dynamic.

Kathryn Dennis

Dennis also confirms her departure from the show in a statement to PEOPLE, saying, “What a wild ride it’s been! Can you believe I was 21 when I first started filming Southern Charm, back in its first season?”

“That was in 2013, and in the decade that followed, it’s safe to say my life changed in ways I could never imagine. It hasn’t always been easy, but I’m so lucky to have had reality cameras there, capturing so many moments that I’ll never forget (and a few, even, that I’d like to).”

She continued: “Y’all watched me grow up, become a mom to two amazing children, and build friendships I’ll always treasure. And through it all, the love y’all have shown for me not only gave me the strength I needed to tackle it all but helped me realize that I wasn’t alone. I’m so grateful.”

Dennis concluded her statement by noting that she would keep the love she had received with her as she began this new chapter of her life, one that was not filtered through the “Southern Charm lens.”

In addition, the reality star expressed gratitude to Bravo, the Haymaker creators, and her Charleston cast mates for everything and expressed enthusiasm for what lies ahead.

Kathyrn Dennis Southern Charm

Her dismissal comes a day after it was reported by a number of media publications that she will make a guest appearance in the upcoming ninth season of “Southern Charm.”

Since its premiere in 2014, Dennis has played a significant role in Southern Charm. Initially recruited as a part-time extra, Dennis was elevated to regular cast status in season 2 when she and Thomas Ravenel started dating.

Her turbulent relationship with Ravenel, her fight with addiction, and her experience as a mother have all been part of her overall story arc. Dennis has won over audiences by being genuine and honest about her hardships on the show.

Although the exact reason for her termination is unknown, The Sun has learned from sources that production opted not to renew her contract due to her foul behavior.

Southern Charm Kathryn Dennis

She often skipped scenes and spoke down to the cast and crew, among other reprehensible behaviors. She behaved so poorly that production had to bring in a producer just to deal with her, which may have played a role in her firing.

Furthermore, her absence from both cast outings during the previous season and her lack of screen presence before the reunion led to fan speculation that her tenure on the program was ending.

Some of them believe that the television personality was no longer serving the program’s demands. Given how much the program has evolved over the years, it’s probable that she no longer fits in with the program’s direction.

Regardless of the true reasons for her dismissal, it appears that she has made a strong choice and is prepared to begin a new chapter in her life, one without the spotlight.

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Thank you Kathryn Dennis. She literally gave us SO much, including an amazing character arc. I’m going to miss her. #SouthernCharm

Kathryn Dennis MADE #southerncharm. I don't care if she has been checked out for a few seasons because the entire empire was built off her back. If all she wants to do is sit in the corner and nod her head then Bravo better run her a check for it because she deserves it.

kathryn dennis is an icon im devastated