How Did Young M.A. Lose Weight?


Young M.A. and her remarkable weight loss in two months.

American YouTube star Young M.A. whose real name is Katorah Marrero, is also a buzzing rapper and American lyricist. Young is adept in the Hardcore and Underground Rap music genres. Amazingly, at such a young age of 9, Young M.A. already possessed great skill in rapping, which she was able to showcase at a corner store in Brooklyn.

Someone saw the potential of the lyricist in the acting industry, which is a huge opportunity to take, and she could start her career in the entertainment industry immediately.

Before becoming a well-known YouTuber and starting her career as a notable rapper, she was given a role in the American drama series “Empire.” Still, she declined the opportunity because she desired to focus on her career as a rapper instead.

Furthermore, Young is well-known in the music industry for her smash singles, “Hot Sauce” and “Ooouuu,” both of which contain explicit adult imagery and language. Rapper 50 Cent recognized her talent and wrote on his Instagram page, “M.A’s music was real Tuff.”

Young was recognized as one of Forbes’ 2017 “Hip-Hop Cash Princes” for her exceptional rapping style and lyricism.

Young was the subject of controversy after American author Dr. Boyce Watkins criticized her song, “Brooklyn (Chiraq freestyle),” which had made it popular in a Facebook post, claiming that the lyrics glorified violence, black racial murders, and incited hostility.

Her fans didn’t miss the major transformation; the rapper confessed shedding 20 pounds in just two months.

Around 2018, supporters of Young M.A. noticed the change in the artist’s physique. Even if you just scroll down her Instagram page, you will undoubtedly notice the slight difference and how her figure has become slimmer. Following feedback regarding her weight loss, the Brooklyn MC took to Instagram to speak with her followers.

M.A. clearly states in the Instagram photo that her followers’ eyes aren’t playing tricks on them—she has shed a considerable amount of weight. To be precise, twenty pounds. The lyricist stated on her Instagram post, “To all my supporters that keep saying I lost weight.. yes it was on purpose lol I’ve stopped eating meat (beef, pork, chicken, turkey, lamb…).”

Young has also revealed that she cut her liquor consumption into “occasionally only” and has been going to the gym consistently. She continued, “And I’ve been watching my calorie intake.. it was discipline for me, of course.”

She lost 20 pounds in two months but wasn’t initially mentally prepared to change her diet even though she had always wanted to. She continued by expressing that she has felt less worn out ever since changing her diet. The lyricist admitted how she wakes up with full energy and mentally feels good. 

Young expressed her gratitude to her supporter and gave advice saying, “I just want to say to all my supporters, if you are not happy with anything in your life, you have the power to change it! Only you!”

Young M.A.’s Weight Loss Tricks

The main keys to Young’s successful weight loss:

  • She opted to lessen her liquor consumption.
  • She chose to pushed herself on a healthy diet. 
  • She stopped eating meat, and go for healthier meals.

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Young M.A.’s approach to her exercise and diet plan, as well as her weight loss journey.

Losing 20 pounds in just two months is something that is fascinating to most people. In contrast, the rapper is amazingly able to pull off her journey to weight loss. She made a decision to change her lifestyle and make some significant changes in what she ate. Young confessed that she made a change in her eating habit, eliminating meat consumption, lessening the liquor, and only drinking occasionally. 

If one is persistent and committed, even those tiny steps in the weight loss program might drastically alter their lifestyle. Persistence is important when it comes to losing weight; if one fails at something the first time, one should try again until one succeed. Even just adding 10 minutes of exercise a day can have great results if it is done consistently.

One should never give up on their weight loss goals just because one did not achieve them immediately. Instead, they should recommit themselves to the goals and focus on achieving them. If one wants to be successful in any endeavor, persistence, and dedication are very important. Losing weight is a very challenging and difficult thing to do, so it takes a lot of motivation and determination to be successful at it.

Weight loss can already start with deciding to change one’s lifestyle and make big changes in what to eat. One key to weight loss is cutting back on calories. When one cuts back on calories, the body will start to burn stored fat instead of carbohydrates and proteins. You will begin to get smaller and lighter with time and start having a healthier overall body. 

Eating healthy can also boost your energy levels which can help you to be more productive during the day and feel better as well. This also occurred in the rapper’s case, as she began to feel her full energy and develop better mentally. Young M.A. also revealed that she consistently goes to the gym, which helped her achieve a remarkable weight loss of 20 pounds in just two months.

We are all aware that maintaining a healthy diet and an active workout lifestyle may help you lose weight. Hence, a workout routine tailored to your needs is essential. However, if you are new to working out or don’t have the time to devote to a comprehensive routine, then there are a series of workouts that you can follow without putting too much strain on your body. 

For instance, the yoga workout for beginners is easy to follow, even for newbies, and can be performed at the convenience of your home. The various yoga poses target the core muscles of the body as well as the arms and legs, helping you to develop a healthy body as well as an effective and flexible mind. And as soon as you are equipped with this kind of workout, you can go slowly to more complex routines as you build up your stamina and strength.

Another major advantage of this workout is that it helps increase your strength and flexibility while improving your overall mood and concentration levels. Yoga is not only beneficial to your body but can also be very therapeutic for your mind. Studies have shown that yoga can aid in relieving symptoms of depression and anxiety and even improve sleep quality. It also allows you to focus better and improves your memory and attention span as well.

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