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Michael Gugliem is an American film producer, motivational speaker, and actor. It is well-known how he portrays the Southern California Gangsters. He has also been featured in “The Fast and the Furious.”

Actor Noel Gugliemi has had a successful acting career. He hasn’t stopped acting since his first appearance as Frank Ortiz in “Got Real” in 1999. After more than 25 years, he has performed in more than 150 Hollywood productions and multigenerational television series.

Noel G’s Appearance (Height, Hair, Eyes & More)

Height 5 ft 9 in
1.77 m
Weight 180.7 pounds
82 kg
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Black
Body Type Average
Sexual Orientation Straight

Facts About Noel G

Nationality American
Estimate Net Worth $3 million
Religion Christian
Zodiac Sign Libra
Birthplace Santa Monica, California, United States of America
Birthday October 15, 1970

Noel G’s Net Worth

Actor Noel Gugliemi has had a steady stream of work since he started acting and has heard of an opportunity to make money. He received a decent salary for an extraordinary role in “The Dark Night Rises.” He has also accumulated an estimated net worth of $3 million throughout her career in the entertainment industry and other business ventures.

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Noel G’s Early Life

On October 15, 1970, in Santa Monica, California, the United States of America, Nelson Alber Gugliemi was born. The state of California is where he was born, and he was reared in a typical middle-class Los Angeles home. He was born in the town of Santa Monica. Gugliemi’s mother was a Mexican American, and his father was an Italian American. (1)

When Noel was thirteen years old, his father left him and got a job that would have allowed him to travel and take her mother along with $500 and the instruction to move on with his life. With a “For Sale” sign, he would break into his empty room in his now-abandoned home. When he climbed into the window one day, he noticed a phone set up in the kitchen and realized the house had been sold, forcing him to leave.

Younger Noel Gugliemi

Noel G started working the “trades of the streets” young and by himself. He joined a criminal gang in Los Angeles after becoming homeless. He went to a group of people who welcomed him like family. Despite being gangsters, they gave him the impression that he had people who cared for him.

Noel G’s Education

Details regarding Noel’s formal education are not available; however, there was information that he started attending acting classes with his girlfriend when he was fifteen. After that, he was spotted by a local producer who hired him to appear in a commercial. (2)

Noel G's Wife and Family Life

Since 2008, Noel and his wife, Tomasa Guglielmi, have been married happily. They first got to know one another during a modeling event. The couple started a long-distance relationship and dated for a while before getting engaged. The couple has been blessed with a son and two daughters. (3)

Tomasa was forced to work as a stripper in her previous marriage because she had to endure her ex-extreme husband’s horrific abuse; but, after getting married to Noel, she gave up her last job.

Noel G’s Career


The incredible journey of Noel Guglielmi began at the tender age of 15 when he was chosen to appear in a Taco Bell advertisement. Gugliemi started acting as a child when he was young. His efforts mostly go unrecognized, which is good news for the future.

His role in the 1999 film “Getting Real” was that of Frank Ortez, and he was then featured as an angel in the 2000 film “Glory.” We had to take action against Ghetta Rapody; she was the instigator as a Gang Leader and the arrogant stranger as Ohnny, the Section, and Soreno of the “Fast and the Furious” and “Training Day,” respectively. 

Noel G appeared in the movies “He Gets It,” “Without a Race,” “Asked and Unobtrusive,” “Albu’s Most Wanted,” “Old School,” and “Double-Ladder National Security” between 2002 and 2005.

In 2006, Gugliemi appeared in “Aarhus Times,” “Seventeen Summers,” “Rack Roof Wood,” “Plinth,” “Ack’s Law,” “Last Rites/Gathering of the Dead,” “School for Cowards,” and the “Wood of Horror.” It wasn’t any different for 2007. He acted like he was already dead; he was a Genus, got some soy, and picked up some lit and cookies.

He was in the “Edge,” “Hotel Alfonsa,” “Street Kings,” and “Red Land” from 2008 to 2009. He performed in “Our Family Wedding,” “Raymond Data,” “The Levelland Show,” “The Walking Dead,” “Festival 2: Night of the Living Festival,” and “Lumen Illusions” in the early 2010s.

Additionally, for the love of money, the “Dark Night Riders,” “Recon Riders,” “Flirty Rowers,” “Kidnapped Souls,” “High Safety,” “Force of Investigation,” “Wendell and Vinny,” “Against the Dangerous and Detective,” “the Szza Point,” “Playa Playa,” and “Retal David.” He has recently performed in various shows, coaches, botanical diaries, “California Dream: Indian cape,” and “Pope.”

Noel G uses his dramatically unique personal experiences to educate and improve the quality of life for others, particularly at-risk youth and criminal offenders, to pop and car culture enthusiasts. 

As part of the organization’s diversity objectives and recognition of his achievements following years of forging ahead in the business as one of Hollywood’s first Latino celebrities, Noel was thrilled to be invited to join the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences in 2017. (4)


Noel G is the founder of the Christian film production company Entangled Entertainment. In addition to acting and producing, his commitment to the entertainment industry includes writing, digital content production, stand-up comedy, talent recruiting, coaching and mentoring, and motivational speaking. (5) Noel G also released his clothing line, Godsterz and Bandido.

Noel Gugliemi’s Controversies

Despite Noel G’s gangster background when he was younger and villain roles in various movies, many people have loved him and have never been involved in any trouble since he entered the film industry. He was the total opposite of his villain roles and is a well-loved main character in his real life.

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Noel G’s Humanitarian Works

Helping and Inspiring the Youth

Noel G finds other ways to extend his workday. To attempt and make a difference, he engages with the youth in local communities and schools throughout Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and the country. He uses my experiences, including those as a father, in prison, and in the spotlight, to help young people deal with problems. (6)

When not performing, Noel G. is committed to supporting young people. He gives talks about how he changed his life and how others might do the same with God’s assistance at high schools, probation camps, and churches.

Fontana Fundraiser

Noel G came to Fontana in 2015 to participate in a fundraiser at Rio Ranch Market for the music program at Kaiser High School. The music program at Kaiser High School will profit entirely from all sales. (7)

One Step Closer Foundation

Noel G participated in the One Step Closer Foundation’s Raising the Stakes for CP celebrity charity poker event.

Noel G established the One Step Closer Foundation with Jacob Zalewski. The foundation is a humanitarian, non-profit organization whose major objective is to enhance the lives of people with cerebral palsy and other impairments. (8)


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