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Harrison Ford is one of the most famous actors of all time. He is the star of numerous movies such as “Star Wars,” “Titanic,” and “Jurassic Park.” Read this article to know more information.

Harrison Ford’s Appearance (Height, Hair, Eyes & More)

Height6 ft 1 in
Weight81 kg
Hair ColorSalt and Pepper
Eye ColorHazel
Body TypeTall and lanky body
Sexual OrientationStraight

Facts About Harrison Ford

Estimate Net Worth$300 million
Zodiac SignCancer
BirthplaceChicago, Illinois, United States
BirthdayJuly 13, 1942

Harrison Ford's Net Worth

As of January 2023, Harrison Ford’s net worth is about $300 million. He is an American actor, filmmaker, philanthropist, and environmental activist. The “Star Wars” franchise is one of the biggest money-making film franchises in history, and Harrison Ford’s role as Han Solo has earned him a massive fortune. (1)

Aside from his film work, Harrison Ford is also a licensed pilot. He owns ten airplanes and a helicopter. He has made a name for himself as an environmental activist and political campaigner.

As an actor, he has appeared in many notable films, including “Indiana Jones,” “Blade Runner,” “Air Force One,” “The Fugitive,” and “Star Wars.” His most successful films include “Raiders of the Lost Ark,” “Indiana Jones, and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.”

Harrison Ford has received numerous accolades and awards. He has been nominated for the Academy Award for Best Actor. The same year, he received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

When he was 26 years old, he visited Los Angeles to audition for a radio voiceover job. After he passed his audition, he stayed in Los Angeles. Eventually, he signed a contract with Columbia Pictures.

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Harrison Ford's Wife and Family

Harrison Ford family

A look at the family of Harrison Ford, one of the most famous actors of all time, reveals several sweet moments. There are four sons and two daughters from his first three marriages. He is also the father of an adopted child, Liam Flockhart.

After marrying his first wife, Mary Marquardt, in 1964, he and the actress went on to have two sons. Their divorce came in 1979. However, Harrison did not stop believing in love. Later, he married screenwriter, Melissa Mathison. They also had a daughter named Georgia. (2)

When he met Calista Flockhart, the pair started dating, and their romance lasted more than a decade. At one point, they were seen walking through the LAX airport together.

In addition to a successful acting career, Harrison is a skilled pilot and an avid environmental activist. His latest film, “Star Wars: The Force Awakens,” returned him to the universe of his most popular franchise. He has been awarded the AFI Lifetime Achievement Award among his many accomplishments.

Harrison Ford's Career

Harrison Ford has a successful career in both the world of film and television. He is also an environmental activist. A four-time Golden Globe nominee, he has earned respect in both fields. His work has made him the fourth highest-grossing domestic box office star. (3)

His career started in California in 1964. At that time, he was a self-taught professional carpenter. Later, he took on a variety of minor acting roles in films.

Eventually, he received a significant role in “Raiders of the Lost Ark.” This part launched his Hollywood career. After the film, he was cast in a series of “Indiana Jones” films. In addition to playing “Indiana Jones,” Ford reprised his role in three more films: “The Empire Strikes Back,” “Return of the Jedi,” and “Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope.”

Harrison Ford has starred in more than 40 films. He has a long list of award-winning films, including“Patriot Games,” “Clear,” “Present Danger,” and “What Lies Beneath.”

Harrison Ford's Endorsements

Harrison Ford endorsements

For many years, movie stars have shunned endorsement work. That’s not the case with Harrison Ford. He has racked up over $7.1 million in endorsements throughout his 50-year career.

A lifelong Democrat, Harrison Ford’s endorsements have been focused on promoting environmental protection. This includes helping the Archaeological Institute of America prevent the looting of ancient artifacts.

Since being a pilot, Ford has rescued numerous people from disaster. He’s also been an active environmental activist. In 2000, Ford received the American Film Institute Lifetime Achievement Award.

Despite his many accolades, Ford only received one Academy Award nomination. His nomination came in 1985 for the film Witness. However, he has been nominated for four Golden Globe Awards.

One of three original “Star Wars” icons, Ford has also appeared in films in a variety of genres. He’s been in more than twenty-five movies, including several romantic comedies.

Harrison Ford has had endorsement deals with the following businesses and products: General Aviation Serves America, Got Milk, Kirin Beer, and PlayStation 3. (4)

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