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How Did Action Bronson Lose Weight?


Action Bronson Lost Over 125 Pounds

If you are looking for inspiration to begin a new diet plan and workout regimen, you may want to check out the Action Bronson transformation story. After being diagnosed with a type of thyroid cancer, he lost over 125 pounds in just a year. He then became a fitness trainer and created a diet plan and workout regiment that many people have been able to replicate.

Action Bronson lost over 125 pounds in a span of six months. He started his fitness journey in March 2020, and he’s already hit a significant milestone.

In his career’s early days, Bronson weighed almost 400 pounds. But the former chef-turned-rapper changed his diet and routine to shed the extra pounds.

Action Bronson is a chef, author, rapper, and television personality. His cooking show, F-ck That’s Delicious, premiered on Vice in 2010. As for his exercise routine, he prefers HIIT (high-intensity interval training) workouts. He also uses a variety of other exercises, like farmer’s carries, tire flips, and t-bar deadlifts.

While he’s been doing all this, he’s still rapping. Currently, he’s signed with Warner Bros., and he’s released two albums. Aside from his music, he’s also an expert on rare olive oils.

Bronson also owes his transformation to the miracle of nutrition. He eats a lot of vegetables and fruits. Also, he’s a fan of almond butter desserts. He’s even learned to enjoy pizza without cheese.

Action Bronson On His Weight Loss Journey

Action Bronson has been making headlines recently for his fitness journey. His latest selfies on his social media accounts are a testament to his hard work.

The rapper started his weight loss journey with a hefty 400-pound figure. After a bout with fat shaming, Bronson was inspired to make a change. While he worked out regularly, he also had to battle indulgences in the beginning.

As of July 2020, Bronson has lost 80 pounds. During this time, he has made numerous appearances in the media, including in Men’s Health Magazine. His fitness journey positively re-assessed his life. The rapper credits his trainer for his transformation. But he’s also taken his own health into his own hands.

Action Bronson's Weight Loss Tricks

The main keys to Bronson’s successful weight loss:

  • He follows a healthy diet, which includes eating a lot of broccoli.
  • His workout involves a lot of body movements and lifting heavy weight.

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Action Bronson's Diet Plan

Action Bronson’s diet plan is a combination of diet, exercise, and willpower. Bronson, known for his outlandish raps, has lost over 150 pounds since he was diagnosed with a disease that caused him to gain weight.

For starters, he’s eating a lot of broccoli. And he’s not just eating broccoli – he’s also putting a bunch of other healthy foods in his body. His green juice has ginger, which helps regulate blood sugar and reduces inflammation. It also stimulates digestion. This, along with a diet rich in proteins and satiating carbs, has helped him lose weight.

Action Bronson's Workout Regimen

Action Bronson has a passion for keeping his body in shape. To achieve this, he has created a workout regimen he likes to follow. Bronson is doing a lot of bodyweight movements, but he’s also lifting heavy weights.

He’s been sharing shirtless selfies with muscled arms. Eventually, he plans on making longer episodes, incorporating mixed martial arts, endurance training, and HIIT workouts into his routine.

In addition, his workouts involve a lot of heavy lifting. He also does a lot of farmer’s carry and tire flips. If you want to try some of these exercises, make sure to get safety glasses.

Bronson works out early, at 4 a.m., and likes to start his day with a protein shake. It includes almond milk, fruit, and olive oil. Then, he will play paddleball with another friend.

He also likes to have a nice breakfast. Some of his favorites are soft scrambled eggs and broccoli. These foods are high in folic acid, which makes them good for the heart. He likes to drink orange juice and a smoothie for his morning meals.


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