Miss Universe 2022 Most Stunning National Costumes


Miss Universe is one of the most widely anticipated pageants in the world. For many people, it is situated at the universe’s highest echelon of beauty pageants. No wonder numerous followers from around the globe support the event every year.

We’ve just seen the coronation of the 71st Miss Universe this week, held at the New Orleans Morial Convention Center in New Orleans, Louisiana, United States. Jeannie Mai, Olivia Culpo, Catriona Gray, and Zuri Hall also presented at the event. 

Along with the incredible fashion shows the candidates have shown lately, we’re also engrossed with the beauty of their national costumes. In this article, we’ve gathered the most stunning national costumes. Let’s dive in!

Miss Trinidad and Tobago

Tya Jane Ramey of Trinidad and Tobago donned an enormous costume during the presentation. Hott Stuff Promotions designed it. The outfit featured a gold ornament and a massive puppet, reflecting Tan Tan and Saga Boy.

Tya wanted to represent the carnival culture of her country. The rainbow polka dots effect created a gorgeous and cheerful vibe to the look without sacrificing creativity and inclusion of her country’s tradition.

Miss USA

R’Bonney Gabriel looked impressive with her well-designed national costume. She donned a massive star-spangled attire with a huge moon-shaped embellishment and a dazzling headpiece. The 1969 US moon launch inspires her outfit.

Gabriel presented her country’s stars and stripes. She completed it with a gigantic mockup of the moon inspired by the space missions of the USA. Besides, there were reports that they were working on sending the first woman to the moon. No wonder R’Bonney wore the outfit to the preliminary competitions, specifically the national costume event.

Miss Nigeria

Hannah Iribhogbe of Nigeria wore a feathered outfit that included a flared white skirt and bodice with a puka shell ornament. She finished off the look with a shell fringe and a red shield. Hannah’s white-feathered headpiece is also stunning.

Miss Nigeria’s bird-inspired headdress also provided a glamorous touch to her look. Since she carried well the masquerade-inspired attire, many people were impressed with her face. The materials of her dress are puka shells, satin, feathers, and soft fabric to create a look that mirrors an African eagle’s excellent features and characteristics.

Miss Ukraine

Viktoria Apanasenko of Ukraine inspired the followers of the latest Miss Universe pageant. The Warrior of Light costume brought her to stardom during the competition, depicting Russia’s invasion of her country. On social media, many revealed that the outfit was made within four months without light in difficult situations due to the war.

The outfit featured feathers and sequins in a white bodysuit, headdress, and sword as a prop. Inspired by archangel Michael, the attire embodied the angel’s protection as the patron of the country’s capital, Kyiv. Victoria wanted to bring awareness to the war that ravaged her homeland, Ukraine.

Miss Virgin British Islands

Lia Claxton of the British Virgin Islands strutted her fabulous national costume. She donned the British Virgin Islands’ national flower attire, a replica of the White Cedar. The outfit looked simple yet stunning and genuinely reflected the most important representations of her country.

Lia’s outfit looks refreshing and pretty. The inspiration for her look, the White Cedar flower, can be found in significant parts of her country. Miss British Virgin Islands looked ethereal with the nature-inspired attire featuring light pink gigantic flower petals. She completed the look with flowers strapped around her heeled sandals.

Miss Jamaica

Toshami Calvin of Jamaica wore a breathtaking national costume for the competition. The look is a green cutout dress with ruffles throughout the attire. She completed the stylish outfit with a blade prop.

The look represents heroism in her country. The high-low skirt design also added glamour to her face. Inspired by Queen Nanny, who fought for the people’s freedom, the outfit is unique, intriguing, and stylish. She completed the attire with matching footwear and a headdress.

Miss Guatemala

Ivana Batchelor of Guatemala looked fabulous in her national costume for the preliminary portion of the 71st Miss Universe competition. The attire is named Guatemala Immortal and depicts several cultural representations of her country.

Besides, the attire includes a Mayan calendar, a Gran Jaguar pyramid, and other symbols. Ivana also strutted the clothing with portions of monja blanca, their national flower, including the Kapok tree, their national tree.

Miss Mexico

Irma Miranda Valenzuela of Mexico looked gorgeous in her national costume presentation during the preliminary rounds of the 71st Miss Universe pageant. The Serenata Mexicana culture inspires her outfit.

Miss Mexico donned the classy traje de charro costume design with floral embellishment and depicted the pre-Conquista ofrendas. Besides, it is a dark velvet number with sparkling ornaments, including buttons and sequins. It also includes an Aztec calendar feature.

Miss Bahamas

Angel Cartwright of The Bahamas was good in her national costume presentation. She opted to showcase a colorful, unique, and intriguing outfit.

Angel walked the runway in her sparkling, colorful attire. It is a turquoise jumpsuit adorned with feathers. The look signifies her country’s independence, thus depicting multi-color shades to represent freedom.

Miss Belize

Ashley Lightburn of Belize has a fantastic national costume for the 71st Miss Universe competition. She looked like a goddess in her forest-inspired outfit. The creation embodied the culture of Belize, its people’s connection with nature, and the necessity to pay homage to natural beauty.

Ashley completed the look with a pair of animal print boots and a dress. The bodice has intricate adornment with earthly hues to achieve a dramatic finish. With her bright smile and endearing personality, there’s no doubt that many people support her participation in the prestigious beauty pageant.

Miss Bolivia

Camila Sanabria of Bolivia showed off a unique national costume for the 71st Miss Universe preliminary competition. Camila donned the traje tipico, showcasing Potosi City’s contributions worldwide.

The dress is adorned with crystals, coins, and sparkling ornaments. It also paid homage to their Calcha tradition. Besides, the national bird of their country, the Condor, is included in her headpiece. She also carried a mining hat to remember her country’s mining antiquity.

Miss Columbia

Maria Fernanda Aristizabal of Columbia is charming in her national costume for the 71st Miss Universe preliminary competition. She sashayed down the runway in her “The Phoenix Queen” look.

To represent the cafeteria region of her country, she donned a fabulous costume with an excellent lifestyle in mind, featuring sunset and coffee-time-inspired attire. Maria Fernanda represents Columbia, a country known for its people who believe in rising from the ashes in style with her Swarovski-encrusted dress. Remarkable, isn’t it?

Miss Cameroon

Monalisa Mouketey of Cameroon wanted to be included in presenting environment-friendly attire. After all, her costume is created with an agricultural presentation in mind.

The inspiration for her national costume is Mount Cameroon. The latter is an active volcano called the “Mountain of Greatness.” The other symbols of her outfit include shades of red, green, and yellow. In sum, it depicted her country’s flag.

Miss Laos

Payengxa Lor of Laos traveled 48 hours to compete in this year’s Miss Universe. She also brought her country’s pride by wearing a unique and meaningful national costume.

Lor, the Laos-born model, donned a dress that embodied three major ethnic minority sectors in her country. The outfit featured adornments of Khmu, Lowland, and Hmong people origins with her country’s flag at the center. 

Many people expect her to enter the Top 5, including her supporters from Minnesota, comprised of Hmong people. Since she’s of Hmong descent, she visited the people there before going to New Orleans to compete in the beauty pageant.

Miss Ghana

Engracia Mofuman of Ghana donned jaw-dropping attire for the 71st Miss Universe national costume presentation. She looked regal and dramatic in her Yaa Asantewaa attire. Engracia perfectly represented her country’s heritage by showcasing the country’s iconic female warrior.

Miss Ghana wore the “Woman of Wonder” national costume in style. Her elegance shone brightly since the dress featured a golden armor bustier, a ball gown, and a traditional headdress. Besides, she remembered to carry a trident, which is a massive part of the meaningful attire.

Miss Panama

Solaris Barba of Panama wowed the audience during the preliminary competition with her gorgeous national costume. The outfit featured a dress with gold, red, and blue embellishments. She looked stunning in the cape and jumpsuit style.

Virgilio Batista designed Miss Panama’s national costume. Featured as elaborate attire, the designer made sure to use beading and crystal well to create the breathtaking clothing piece for the competition. Barba took to social media to explain her look, which represents her country’s culture and tradition of their native people.

Miss Equatorial Guinea

Alba Isabel Obama Moliko of Equatorial Guinea chose to don a tribal leader outfit for the 71st Miss Universe national costume competition. First, she wore mermaid-style garb for the presentation, featuring a skirt made of a cocoa sack.

Alba also wore a dramatic neckpiece to complete the ethnic leader attire. Besides, she walked the runway with a golden headdress and a tribal mask.

Miss Vietnam

Chau Nguyen of Vietnam wanted to stand supreme for the 71st Miss Universe preliminary competition. She donned a gorgeous national costume. To channel an enchanting aura, Chau wore the red-adorned dress.

Miss Vietnam’s national costume represented an old village in her country. To look dramatic, she donned the outfit in style, showcasing the multi-layered dress. Besides, it was created with second-hand materials. Vietnam’s patriotic heritage and the people’s work on protecting the environment go hand in hand here, as shown in Nguyen’s pageant attire.

Miss Netherlands

Ona Moody of the Netherlands looked cheerful and pretty during the national costume presentation of the 71st Miss Universe pageant. She turned herself into a stroopwafel, a type of cookie in her country.

Moody donned a dress with a gigantic circle skirt to showcase the stroopwafel cookies. Ona wore a headpiece like a cup of tea to complete the gourmet look.

Miss France

Floriane Bascou of France is also a crowd-favorite during the preliminary rounds of the 71st Miss Universe. Floriane’s national costume represents her country’s holiday, “Bastille Day.”

Miss France also donned the chic two-piece outfit that featured feathers, a headpiece, and a back piece. During Miss France’s walk, the announcers also mentioned that her look honored her country’s flag.

Miss Thailand

Anna Sueangam-iam is among the most popular candidates in the recently concluded 71st Miss Universe beauty pageant. Anna’s look is glamorous, personal, and peerless.

Miss Thailand donned a crystal-encrusted dress. The corseted bodice looked good on her, especially the white draping and fabulous neckline. She completed her attire with light-hued platform heels and a remarkable aura.

Miss Venezuela

Amanda Dudamel Newman of Venezuela looked fierce and pretty in her national costume. She represented the primary soccer team of her country. Embodying discipline and compromise that the Venezuelan people showed off for years, her outfit has jersey hues, including a golden soccer ball.

The outfit also meant football is the way of life in Venezuela. Her burgundy jumpsuit looked good, giving off a fantastic glamorous vibe. She wanted to tell the universe that the sport brings people together worldwide.

Miss Philippines

Silvia Celeste Cortesi from the Philippines glammed up for the preliminary rounds of the 71st Miss Universe competition. She opted for a glamorous and gallant outfit. Oliver Tolentino designed the attire with the help of Jerome Navarro, a metalwork accessories designer.

Celeste donned the outfit inspired by an original and iconic Filipino superhero named Darna, providing insights into the various cultural representation of her country. The glamazon outfit also brought out Celeste’s adventurous bid for the latest Miss Universe crown.

Besides, Miss Philippine’s purpose is to share her desire to help and defend unfortunate people. Cortesi walked the runway in shades of gold and red two-piece attire with matching gloves, boots, and headpiece.

Miss South Africa

Ndavi Nokeri of South Africa appeared remarkably pretty in her national costume. For her look, she opted to seek help from Scalo and Hendersonworx to design her dress.

The outfit featured gold and precious stones. Ndavi’s goal is to share her country’s mineral wealth and stand statuesque on her fashion walk.

We’ve seen the photos of the most beautiful national costumes in the recently concluded 71st Miss Universe. Which one is your favorite?

What do you think?