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How Did Anna Kendrick Lose Weight?


Anna Kendrick's Weight Loss Journey

Anna Kendrick is a superstar actress and singer. She has starred in numerous films, including “Up in the Air” and “Pitch Perfect.” Kendrick stands out on the honorary pathway with her wacky sense of style.

While Kendrick is definitely not the tallest woman in Hollywood, she does have an unconventional body stature. At 5 feet, 2 inches, she is only slightly shorter than her male counterparts. But that doesn’t stop her from making the most of her petite frame.

For example, she loves hiking. It gives her some mental clarity. And let’s not forget her love of ice cream. Not only is she a fan of Taco Bell, but she also has a sweet tooth. In fact, she’s been known to order multiple ice cream deliveries.

Although Kendrick has been on a quest to eat healthily, she has yet to eschew sweets completely. After all, even a 37-year-old woman deserves a little indulgence now and then.

This Is What Anna Kendrick Eats

Kendrick is trying to get in shape. But what exactly does she eat? Kendrick loves eating sweets. However, she is not one to go out of her way to look perfect. Instead, she tries to balance sweets with nutritious fruits and vegetables.

According to reports, Kendrick suffered from an eating disorder in her early 20s. Having a good support system helped her to overcome her condition. Since then, Kendrick has been very active in her life.

For example, she regularly does yoga. Kendrick also loves hiking. When out in nature, she feels better and has more mental clarity. When she is not out on the town, she eats a balanced diet. Although she hasn’t completely cut out dairy, she does not eat meat.

Anna Kendrick's Weight Loss Tricks

The main keys to Kendrick’s successful weight loss:

  • She balances sweets with nutritious fruits and vegetables.
  • She does yoga and loves hiking.
  • She also does Pilates and martial arts.
  • Her workout includes running.
  • She tried to be vegan.

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Does Anna Kendrick Follow a Particular Diet?

In recent years, Kendrick has been trying to eat more healthily. However, she has found it quite tricky. At first, she tried to be vegan. But after a while, she slipped back into her old habits. So she has recently been trying to limit her dairy intake.

While she is not one to get all obsessive about her diet, she does want to keep it balanced. She has been trying to balance sweets with nutritious fruit and vegetables.

For her health, Kendrick also follows a regimen of exercise. She is a fan of yoga and martial training. And she enjoys hiking. Like most actresses, she has to lose weight quickly. She is always on the lookout for the perfect workout. As such, she tries different forms of exercise, including running, karate, and hiking.

What Is Anna Kendrick's Workout?

Although Kendrick struggles to lose weight, she has progressed in recent years. For example, she is now focusing on strength and flexibility instead of merely changing her body shape.

She also works on her posture. Proper posture can help avoid spinal problems. The right posture is more important than the number of calories you eat.

In addition to a balanced diet, she performs different workouts. Some of her favorites include Pilates and hiking. These exercises help her maintain her flexibility and build strength.

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