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Ice Cube is a very talented musician who has made much money in his career. He has many endorsements, and his net worth has increased significantly in the last couple of years. Several aspects of his life, like his girlfriend and family, are not well known. We will look at them in this article.

Ice Cube’s Appearance (Height, Hair, Eyes & More)

Height 5 ft 8 in or 173 cm
Weight 84 kg or 185 lbs
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Dark Brown
Body Type Average
Sexual Orientation Straight

Facts About Ice Cube

Nationality American
Estimate Net Worth $160 million
Religion Christianity
Zodiac Sign Gemini
Birthplace Compton, California, United States
Birthday June 15, 1969

Ice Cube's Net Worth

As of January 2023, Ice Cube has a total net worth of $160 million. Ice Cube is a well-known rapper and actor. The native of Los Angeles, California, has been making a living in the entertainment industry for over three decades. (1)

In the 1990s, he made millions of dollars from his career as a rapper and a member of the NWA. After leaving the group, he returned to Los Angeles to work in the music industry.

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Ice Cube's Girlfriend and Family

Ice Cube family

If you have ever been in a relationship, you are familiar with the ups and downs. Ice Cube’s wife and family have had their fair share of bumps and bruises. But they have stuck through them.

The couple has been married and remained together for almost three decades. (2) Ice Cube and his wife live in a Marina Del Rey, California mansion. The home features a glass-enclosed staircase and a rooftop swimming pool. There is also a gym and an elevator.

While the home may seem significant, it only has six bedrooms and seven bathrooms. During the early 90s, Ice Cube was part of a rap group called “NWA.” Upon leaving, he released two solo albums. He also starred in a few films. One was the “Ride Along,” and the other was the “XXX” series.

Ice Cube's Career Journey

During his time in the music and film business, Ice Cube has created a successful career, released numerous solo albums, and acted in many films. While he has been known to work with several different artists, his best-known works include his albums “AmeriKKKa’s Most Wanted,” “Westside Connection,” and “Everythang’s Corrupt.” (3)

The rapper’s debut album was “Bow Down,” released in 1996. Following its release, it received great acclaim on the West Coast. In 1998, he released “War and Peace: Vol. 1,” an album that followed the same concept as “Death Certificate.”

After his stint with “N.W.A,” Ice Cube joined the group’s “Burn Hollywood Burn” tour. He continued to record with the group occasionally. Following his departure from “N.W.A,” he founded the C.I.A. (Community Intentional Association) with his friend Sir Jinx. This was a production company where he also directed music videos for other artists.

Ice Cube's Endorsements

Ice Cube is a rapper and entrepreneur. His work includes music, film, and television. He has a net worth of $160 million. But he didn’t endorse Donald Trump. He went against the grain.

He has also been associated with many brand partnerships. He is a spokesperson for Coors Light and Solo by Cube. Other ventures include a clothing line and excellent headphones. (4) While Ice Cube has never publicly supported either Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton, he did meet with both campaigns.

He met with President Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner before the election. And he tweeted that he was working with the White House on his “Contract With Black America,” an initiative to address racial inequality.

Ice Cube reportedly did not attend a meeting with the Biden campaign, but his representatives did. They continued to lobby the White House on behalf of their client.

Ice Cube said he was concerned that the Biden team wasn’t serious about the proposal. It was hoped that stopping his endorsement of the vice president would send a message. The White House later agreed with a number of the rapper’s requests.

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