How Did Ashanti Lose Weight?


Ashanti's Secret to Clean Eating Habits

If you are into pop culture, then you are probably familiar with Ashanti. Her name is a mouthful, and she is a seasoned performer who has graced the stage with the likes of Ja Rule. She has even starred in her own movie, “Stuck.” Luckily for her, her lifestyle is a model of moderation. As such, she is able to keep her body in check by working out, eating clean, and avoiding the bad stuff in her beauty routine.

It’s no wonder, then, that she is a fitness enthusiast with a penchant for all things green. With that being said, the actress revealed a few of her diet secrets. This starlet has had impressive achievements, from a juice-packed breakfast to a pescatarian diet. And she has a good reason for it.

It’s not easy to maintain a balanced diet and lifestyle. Fortunately, Ashanti has found a formula that keeps her slim and gives her the energy she needs to keep up with her kids.

Ashanti's Weight Loss Tricks

The main keys to Ashanti’s successful weight loss:

  • She followed a clean diet.
  • She is pescatarian. Her primary source of protein is fish and vegetables.
  • She reduced a number of chemical compounds on her diet.
  • She followed Lemon-Pepper-Maple fast diet plan.
  • She has a trainer for her workout routine.
  • She did a 33-day workout at the gym.

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The One Trick Ashanti Uses to Lose Weight

The one trick Ashanti uses to lose weight differs from what you’d expect. She’s not into high-end cardio workouts, and she’s got a team of trainers on both coasts. It’s the little things that count, like a daily fruit and veggie bowl and a few rounds of jump rope in the evenings.

As a seasoned professional, she learned how to read her body and recognize patterns. She’s made the most of the latter by making sure to fit in a few extra activities throughout the day.

Aside from the big 3 – eating, sleeping and exercising – she’s also a firm believer in the magic of the trifecta. Taking her exercise regimen a step further, she’s made an effort to reduce the number of chemical compounds in her diet.

This is no small feat, as an average person is exposed to more than 300 chemicals regularly and they are all in their natural state. In addition to cutting down on her meat consumption, she’s also made a point of limiting her exposure to the chemicals she ingests.

Ashanti Flaunts '33 Days' of Hard Work at the Gym

Ashanti has been working out for 33 days and has shown off her hard-earned body on her Instagram account. Fans of the singer and actress were raving about the fitness transformation. But she remains incredibly humble. She told fans that she works with a personal trainer four to five times weekly to stay on track.

Ashanti has also been open about her diet, which she follows the pescatarian way. It’s a diet focusing on vegetables and fish as the primary source of protein. Other plant-based foods are a part of the diet, too.

Previously, Ashanti took a trip to Miami Beach, Florida, to celebrate her fitness journey. In a two-piece bikini, she showed off her incredible figure in a new video. This was accompanied by photos from her vacation. In one photo, Ashanti is seen in front of a gold elephant skeleton.

Ashanti Does The Lemon-Pepper-Maple Fast Diet Plan

Ashanti has had a lot of fame with her debut album. She sold over 505,000 copies in the first week and won several awards, including a Billboard Music Award and Grammys. The singer also changed her diet, becoming a pescatarian.

During her fitness regimen, the R&B princess lost eight pounds. In addition to her diet, she had a colonic irrigation treatment. This process helps her to keep a slim physique.

Ashanti’s diet plan started with a three-day “ease in” period. This is a preparation for the master cleanse. Her sister Kenashia Douglas introduced her to a pescatarian diet.

She followed this diet for ten days. On this diet, she drinks a lemon beverage made with maple syrup and Cayenne pepper. Cayenne pepper is known to boost metabolic rate. It is also said to aid fat loss.

While on this diet, the singer did not drink alcohol. She also did not eat any solid foods. Rather than restricting her favorite foods, Ashanti likes to add flavor to her food. She mixes different spices and authentic flavors.

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