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How Did Brendan Fraser Lose Weight?


Brendan Fraser Starved Himself For a Movie

Brendan Fraser, best known for his roles in “George of the Jungle” and “The Whale,” revealed in an interview that he had to starve himself for a movie role. In fact, he weighed 230 pounds for the film.

He told Variety’s “Actors on Actors” series that he had to change his habits and diet to keep up with the demands of his role. Fortunately, he was able to achieve his goal.

Although he didn’t receive a nomination for an Oscar for his performance in “The Whale,” it did earn him a ton of critical acclaim. It also sparked Oscar buzz for Fraser, who made his comeback in the movie. This marks his first major Hollywood project in almost a decade.

Fraser has reflected on his early projects as he prepares to make his comeback. From “Dogfight” to “Airheads,” he’s had a lot to say about his past. He also spoke to Zach Braff for his podcast and reminisced about his time on the blockbuster movie “George of the Jungle.”

Fraser’s return to the big screen in 2022 has been met with a ton of praise. Critics and fans alike call the actor’s performance in the new film the best of his career.

Brendan Fraser's Weight Loss Tricks

The main keys to Fraser’s successful weight loss:

  • He makes an effort to maintain a good body.
  • He deprived himself of certain food to maintain his physical appearance.

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Brendan Fraser Wore Fat Suit in 'The Whale'

“The Whale” is a film directed by Darren Aronofsky. It features Fraser as an overweight English teacher and Sadie Sink as his estranged daughter. While the movie was well-received, critics criticized the use of a fat suit. Some have even called it fatphobic.

Aronofsky has explained why the actor wore the suit in the movie. He said that it is used as a tool to make the character more realistic. According to the director, the actor would have been unable to play the character if he had not weighed 330 pounds. In addition, he added 300 pounds of padding to the suit.

After watching the movie, many critics praised the performance of Fraser. He has also been nominated for the Golden Globe. But he has also been accused of groping a Hollywood Foreign Press Association member, and he has refused to attend the ceremony.

“The Whale” has received mixed reviews from critics. The movie earned an average score of 67% on Rotten Tomatoes.

Brendan Fraser's Diet and Exercise

Fraser is no stranger to dieting. He’s undergone an incredible transformation since he took the role of an overweight man living with obesity. Although he doesn’t believe in body positivity, Fraser does admit to making an effort to maintain a good body. He was so focused on his physical appearance that he had to deprive himself of certain foods to look his best.

One of the most famous roles of all time, “George of the Jungle,” required Fraser to get in shape. As a result, the actor had to undergo numerous surgeries to help him achieve his ideal physique. Fraser has faced backlash for his hefty prosthetics. However, his work in “The Whale” is so good that many viewers praise him.

Despite his struggles, Fraser remained dedicated to his show. During the film’s premiere, Fraser got emotional and gave a standing ovation. Even his former co-stars, Sarah Michelle Gellar and David Harbour, praised his performance.

Aside from his acting career, Fraser has also suffered a divorce and lost his mother. He also endured several injuries, including a spinal cord injury.

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