How Did Brendan Fraser Lose Weight?


Brendan Fraser Starved Himself For a Movie

Actor Brendan Fraser revealed in an interview that he had to starve himself for a movie role. He told Variety’s “Actors on Actors” series that he had to change his habits and diet to keep up with the demands of his role. Fortunately, he was able to achieve his goal.

Fraser discussed the extreme measures he took in an effort to fulfill his ideal appearance for his part in the 1997 film, “George of the Jungle.” But although he achieved his desired physique, the actor claimed that the extreme weight loss methods had a detrimental effect on his mental health.

“I was waxed. Starved of carbohydrates,” Fraser shared. “I would drive home after work and stop to get something to eat.”

Fraser stated that because “there was no wardrobe” for his character in the movie, it was crucial for him to develop a muscular build. The actor played George in the popular movie, which had a sequel in 2003. His character is a man who was raised by apes in an African jungle.

Brendan Fraser's Weight Loss Tricks

The main keys to Fraser’s successful weight loss:

  • He makes an effort to maintain a good body.
  • He deprived himself of certain food to maintain his physical appearance.

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Brendan Fraser Wore Fat Suit in 'The Whale'

The Whale” is 2022 a film directed by Darren Aronofsky. It features Fraser as an overweight English teacher and Sadie Sink as his estranged daughter. While the movie was well-received, critics criticized the use of a fat suit. Some have even called it fatphobic.

Aronofsky has explained why the actor wore the suit in the movie. He said that it is used as a tool to make the character more realistic. According to the director, Fraser would have been unable to play the character if he had not weighed 330 pounds. In addition, he added 300 pounds of padding to the suit.

Although the movie received a mixed bag of reviews upon its release, Fraser’s performance was acclaimed by critics, and the actor won Best Actor at the Critics Choice Awards and received nominations for both the Golden Globe and the Bafta Awards.

Brendan Fraser's Diet and Exercise

Fraser is no stranger to dieting. He’s undergone an incredible transformation since he took the role of an overweight man living with obesity. Although he doesn’t believe in body positivity, Fraser does admit to making an effort to maintain a good body. He was so focused on his physical appearance that he had to deprive himself of certain foods to look his best.

One of the most famous roles of all time, “George of the Jungle,” required Fraser to get in shape. As a result, the actor had to undergo numerous surgeries to help him achieve his ideal physique. Meanwhile, he faced backlash for his hefty prosthetics in “The Whale.” However, his work in the movie is so good that many viewers praise him.

According to The Morning Call, Fraser was committed to getting into the greatest physical form of his life. He followed a strict high-protein, low-carbohydrate diet before starting “George of the Jungle.”  He used weights for an hour each day for six months. He had less than 6 percent body fat by the end of filming.

“I was a walking steak,” Fraser said. “I knew George had to be as muscular as possible and, unfortunately, an anatomically correct muscle suit with a zipper in the back was out of the question.”

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