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How Did Bryce Dallas Howard Lose Weight?


Bryce Dallas Howard Reveals She Has to Lose Weight For 'Jurassic World' Movies

Bryce Dallas Howard has spoken out about her weight loss efforts in several interviews. The actress revealed she was pressured to lose weight before filming “Jurassic World Dominion” and “Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom,” as well as other projects. She spoke about how Hollywood still holds women to a superficial standard regarding beauty and representation.

Although Bryce claims the pay gap between herself and Chris Pratt was smaller than previously reported, the actress also claims that the salary disparity is much larger. She said she was paid less than Pratt in “Jurassic World” and “Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom.”

In an interview with Metro magazine, Bryce discussed her past weight loss efforts. She says she was asked to lose weight before filming “Dominion” and “Fallen Kingdom.” However, she said director Colin Trevorrow stopped the demands.

DeWanda Wise joined the interview and talked about how Hollywood still holds women to the standards when it comes to beauty and representation. She said she was forced to change her body for her role in “Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom” and “Star Trek Beyond”.

Despite being criticized for her weight in previous interviews, Bryce did not diet during her time on the set of “Jurassic World Dominion” or in the third movie. Instead, she used her natural body. And the actress hopes her actions show filmmakers what is possible when they include female actors.

Bryce Dallas Howard's Weight Loss Tricks

The main keys to Bryce’s successful weight loss:

  • She exercises and follows a diet to lose weight.
  • She began doing CrossFit.

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Bryce Dallas Howard Weight Gain For 'Black Mirror'

Bryce gains weight for her role in Netflix’s Black Mirror. She has gained and lost weight for years, so it’s no surprise that she has faced criticism regarding her physical appearance. But it wasn’t until her role in the series that she learned to appreciate her body.

Bryce gained 35 pounds for her role in “Black Mirror.” Her character is obsessed with social media and has body image issues. In her role, the actress learned to appreciate her body. She credits Trevorrow for helping her lose weight and control her diet.

In the episode “Nosedive,” the main character, Lacie, is battling a bad eating disorder. Her attempts to fit into a dress that’s only a size four are taking a toll on her body.

Meanwhile, during her pregnancy, Bryce gained an average of 80 pounds. Despite her feelings of happiness, she also faced some postpartum depression. It wasn’t until she saw Black Mirror that she was ready to accept her body. Now, she’s happy to be back to her pre-pregnancy weight.

Bryce Dallas Howard Diet And Workout

Bryce has been under scrutiny for her body image for years. For several reasons, the actress has struggled to maintain a healthy weight and has had to gain weight. But she eventually discovered a newfound appreciation for her body.

One of the biggest reasons for Bryce’s struggles with weight was postpartum depression. As a second-time mom, she was overwhelmed and drained from carrying her son. She was also battling an eating disorder.

A role in “Black Mirror” helped Bryce develop a newfound respect for her body. She gained 35 pounds for the role. It was to represent a character’s struggle to accept her body.

Before a role in “Jurassic World Dominion,” Bryce was asked to lose weight. This was a significant step in the actress’s battle against her weight. However, when she accepted the part, she knew it would be a struggle.

At first, she tried to lose weight by exercising. She started doing CrossFit and worked hard on her workout routine. After a few months, she lost about 30 pounds.

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