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How Did Vince Wilfork Lose Weight?


Vince Wilfork 80 Pounds Weight Loss

If you have watched the New England Patriots’ plays, you may have noticed their strong, athletic, and intimidating defensive line. Vince Wilfork is one of the men behind those imposing lines. For the past few years, Wilfork has been losing weight. He previously weighed in at 325 pounds but has since lost more than 80 pounds.

This is not to say that he’s not happy with his body. The Patriots’ two-time Super Bowl champion has been a stalwart on the team’s defense. During his career, he played in 11 seasons with the team. In 2004, he became the team’s first-round pick. And now he’s about to be inducted into the NFL’s Hall of Fame.

When he played, Wilfork was the biggest man in the league. His hefty frame gave him a chance to bulldoze offensive linemen. But he also had great lateral feet. Not only was he able to move through space, but he could also run down quarterbacks and ball carriers.

Despite his size, however, Wilfork was able to maintain his health and stay active throughout his career. A key part of his weight loss plan was hydration. By swimming underwater, he gained more stamina. He has also been monitored for diabetes.

Vince Wilfork's Weight Loss Tricks

The main keys to Wilfork’s successful weight loss:

  • He exercises and followed a diet plan.
  • He always stays hydrated.
  • He swims to gain more stamina.
  • His wife helped him plan his weight loss program.
  • He eats six meals a day, and then snacks every two hours.
  • He prefers rice, nuts, and beans.
  • He also likes baked chicken and fish.
  • He does cardio.

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Vince Wilfork Weight Loss Journey Throughout His Career

Wilfork is one of the most successful defensive tackles in NFL history. He won five Pro Bowl selections and played in eleven seasons with the New England Patriots. His accolades include two Super Bowl wins, a Hall of Fame enshrinement, and a spot on the USA Today All-American football team.

The former lineman has lost over 115 pounds in his retirement. But he is not about to go out of his way to regain the weight. Instead, Wilfork has devised a unique plan for maintaining health and improving his stamina.

To celebrate his achievement, Wilfork took some time to visit Gillette Stadium in Foxboro, Massachusetts. He also met with the Patriots head coach Bill Belichick before the game against the Miami Dolphins.

As he walked through the gates, Wilfork took some time to talk about his new body image. He explained that he had long hours under the hot Houston sun and had been drinking a gallon of water daily.

He wore a jacket with a Patriots Hall of Fame logo. Wilfork is the 32nd player to make it into the Patriots’ Hall of Fame. While there, he shared a story about his first meeting with Belichick. Although it was not the most romantic of meetings, it did have an entertaining twist.

Vince Wilfork's Diet and Exercise

When Wilfork was playing in the NFL, he weighed a whopping 325 pounds. He credited his weight loss to a healthy diet and exercise routine. A former defensive tackle for the Patriots, Wilfork has been shedding pounds since retiring from the sport several years ago. But he never looked like he did during his prime playing days.

Before retiring from the game, Wilfork was a hefty 6-foot-2. During his 13-season career, he weighed a minimum of 325 pounds. In the early stages of his weight loss journey, he was concerned that he could not keep his weight down. Eventually, his wife helped him plan a weight loss program.

Wilfork said the biggest change he made in his diet was portion size. He now eats six meals daily, with a snack every two hours. In addition to the foods that he eats, Wilfork also does some cardio at the gym. He also swims in the pool every day. This helps to increase his lung capacity and stamina.

As for the rest of his diet, Wilfork prefers to eat rice, nuts, and beans. His favorite nut is cashews. For protein, he eats baked chicken and fish. After his retirement, Wilfork lost 80 pounds. Belichick was impressed with the way that Wilfork was looking. And he offered to help Wilfork return to New England.

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