How Did Caroline Stanbury Lose Weight?


What does Caroline Stanbury do to stay fit?

Caroline Stanbury’s diet is an effective way to get in shape. She uses a variety of techniques to achieve her goals. Her diet is also easy to follow. Using her techniques can help you lose weight quickly.

Caroline Stanbury is a socialite and brand ambassador by day, and she has a knack for putting herself on the front burner at all times. She is a savvy businesswoman who is also a mother of three.

Caroline is the daughter of a venture capitalist and former high-end fashion guru Anthony Stanbury and his wife, Elizabeth. The lady is 5 feet 6 inches tall and sports a sexy physique.

A woman of her build will be the envy of her friends. It’s no secret that she’s a fitness enthusiast. This is evidenced by the fact that she’s a certified personal trainer.

Despite her busy schedule, she does manage to find time to keep her sexy figure in shape. She has a taste for red wine, and if you’re the type that enjoys a glass or two, she’s your gal.

In fact, Caroline’s fit body is something she flaunts consistently on her Instagram page, especially whenever she and her husband would go on a beach trip. On one occasion, on February 27, 2023, the real housewife posted a photo of them as they stayed on an undisclosed beach location, spending their weekend with the ocean waves, sun, sand, and of course, swimsuit. She simply captioned the photo with the hashtag Weekend Vibes.

Caroline Stanbury's Weight Loss Tricks

The main keys to Caroline’s successful weight loss:

  • She follows specific diet and workout regimen.
  • She likes protein-rich meals, such as egg.
  • She also likes vegetables.
  • She does high-tech exercises.

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What is Caroline Stanbury's Diet?

Although Caroline has been outspoken about her diet, she revealed that she does not take any supplements. The 46-year-old TV personality shares her diet plan with fans on her Instagram.

For breakfast, she prefers to indulge in a healthy smoothie. In the afternoon, she’ll go for a satisfying chicken meal. She’s also a big fan of salads and loves to mix up her diet with a bit of fish and sweet potatoes.

Meanwhile, Caroline is also famous for her role as a fashion stylist for high-end clients. Previously, she worked for ECmyLIFE and Gift Library luxury gift stores. Currently, she is a member of the Bravo reality television series Real Housewives of Dubai.

The former model married Turkish investment banker Cem Habib in 2004. They have three children, Yasmine, and twins Zac and Aaron. Their relationship ended when they split in 2018. After they broke up, Stanbury moved to Dubai. A year after her divorce, she met soccer player Sergio Carrallo.

Caroline Stanbury's Workout Routine

Caroline is known for her workout routine. She has been posting photos of herself in a swimsuit on Instagram. In one of her Instagram Stories, she shared her “secret” workout.

More recently, on February 6, 2022, she posted a workout video but not really a workout video, instead a behind-the-scenes on how his husband filmed her while doing her exercises. She captioned the post, “How working out with my husband goes 🙄.”

The most interesting aspect of her fitness regimen is her ability to do multiple high-tech exercises in a short period of time. Caroline and Sergio are planning a baby. They plan to move into a new home before having a child.

A few years ago, Caroline and her family moved to Dubai. They had previously lived in the United States. Now, she and her family reside in the Al Barari community. It is a posh enclave that offers everything from a state-of-the-art gym to an airport.