Kanye West Under Investigation For Battery After Being Aggressive Towards A Photographer

Kanye West Under Investigation For Battery After Being Aggressive Towards A Woman


Was the incident an escalating conflict or just justified self-defense?

Controversial rapper and music producer Kanye West is currently under investigation for battery after he was caught on camera grabbing and throwing a photographer’s phone, being aggressive once more with the paparazzi.

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The incident, which TMZ initially reported, happened close to a sports facility where North West, his child with his ex-wife Kim Kardashian, was scheduled to play basketball.

In the video mentioned above, which is currently going viral on social media, the artist can be seen acting furious and accusing the woman, who has not been identified, of stalking him while she keeps filming.

The woman mentioned Ye’s celebrity status, but it was not enough explanation for him. He can also be heard pleading to put the camera down, but to no avail, while asking why she was filming him or them.

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Later on, he grabbed and threw her phone out onto the street. His wife, Bianca Censori, is waiting patiently for him as he gets into his SUV following the tragic occurrence.

The “Donda” singer can also be seen confronting a second paparazzi, who uses an actual photography camera. This individual said sorry, and West likewise instructed him to put the camera down. The latter pointed him out for this confrontation, but luckily, the same “throwing” thing didn’t happen to him.

The victim then phoned the officers from the Ventura County Sheriff’s Department to the area at about 4:30 PM and gave them video proof of the encounter. It is unknown whether the woman was a professional photographer or a fan. West has also not commented on the incident.

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Kanye West’s anger has already gotten him into trouble, and it appears that it may have done so once more. Although West has not been charged with a felony in relation to the most recent incident, the investigation is still ongoing.

In the event that he is accused and found guilty, he might spend up to six months in jail. Because of this, it is evident that he has to learn how to control his rage more constructively.

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Stop harassing him. I wouldve broke the phone and then threw it.

I thought y'all canceled him.. Why y'all still trying to film and take pics of him?

Kanye politely asked the btch to stop recording him and she wouldn’t stop. Recording someone without consent should be grounds for getting ur phone or ur face smashed

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