Emma Lane’s Personal Style And Appearance In “Neighbors” TV Series

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If you were a “Neighbors” fan, you might wonder who Emma Lane is. She was an actress who appeared in the said show.

You might have noticed her personal style and her appearance in the show. This article has some ideas about her unique style, career growth, and more.

Who Was Emma Lane In "Neighbors" TV Show?

If you have ever seen “Neighbors,” you know that it is a popular show with tons of drama, illicit affairs, and love triangles. Many actors on the show became household names—among them Emma Lane.

The Australian actress is known for her role as Courtney Grixti on the show. She joined the cast in 2015 and was a recurring character. A few years later, she appeared in several shows, including “All American Bikini Car Wash” and “Mrs. Robinson.”

After joining the show, she starred in multiple roles, including Lady Eliza in the “Christmas Princess.” In addition, she played Tracy in the hit TV series “Mindy Robinson.”

Travis Robert Burns was born on April 23, 1991, in Bacchus Marsh, Victoria. He was raised in the town. Later, he moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in acting. However, his leading role was Tyler Brennan in “Neighbors.”

Before he was cast in the show, Burns worked as a model. He was also featured in a couple of spinoff series. Since then, he has had several roles on the show. During the show’s 32nd season, he and his partner, Courtney Grixti, were romantically linked.

It is not surprising to find out that the two got married in a gorgeous ceremony. Emma and Travis”s wedding took place on the Bellarine Peninsula in Melbourne, Australia. Several of the show’s stars attended the ceremony. They included Travis’ partner, Emma Lane, and co-stars Lily van der Meer and Matty Wilson.

In March 2016, it was reported that Emma Lane was thirty. She was said to have an oval-shaped face and blue eyes. Her hair was done in loose waves.

She is a Christian. She studied at a local private school. She also attended a university in Australia. In her role as a model, she has worked with many brands. Moreover, she has a cute dog named Marvin.

She is living in Los Angeles with her husband, Travis Burns. While in the States, she stays connected to her friends and family in Australia.

The best part about being involved with the show is the cast. Emma Lane has multiple roles and can always play a different character.

Emma Lane And Her Rise To Stardom As An Actress

Emma Lane is a beautiful actress with a stunning face and oval eyes. She has a relatively average height and weight. Her hair is honeycombed.

Emma Lane studied at a local private school when she was a teenager. She has a younger brother. And she has a dog named Marvin Burns.

Emma Lane was born on January 4, 1986. She was a member of the “Miss Australia Universe 2012” pageant.

She has appeared in “Neighbors” and “All American Bikini Car Wash.” In December 2017, she married Travis Burns. They are currently living in Los Angeles.

Emma Lane is Christian. As a model, she has been exposed to various designer brands. But she was not ready to move into the world of Hollywood. She wants to keep her life and family close.

Emma Lane first got her acting break in “Neighbors.” She was a recurring character in the show. Then she started working on her first movie.

She is now set to appear in the remake of “All Creatures Great and Small.” But it will take a lot of work to reconcile her success with her personal life.

Emma Lane and her husband, Travis Burns, are now in Los Angeles. They were married in December 2017. Their co-stars from “Neighbors” attended their wedding.

Travis Burns and Emma Lane have been together since 2013. They met in 2013. Burns proposed to Lane at Malibu Wine Safaris. Afterward, Lane was overjoyed by the proposal. After the wedding, Lane posted pictures of the ceremony and the reception on her Instagram.

She is not willing to give up her family for the spotlight. But she does want to be able to enjoy her lifestyle. If she were to move to Hollywood, she would have to live an entirely foreign lifestyle.

She has a good range of roles as a stage and film actress. She played Helena in “A Midsummer Night’s Dream.” But she has also played tart comedy roles.

Emma Lane is an Australian actress. Her debut was with “All American Bikini Car Wash.”

Emma Lane's Personal Style And Fashionable Looks

If you are a fan of the popular Canadian television series “Neighbors,” you’ve probably seen Emma Lane strutting her stuff. She plays the title character Courtney Grixti and is currently age 30. The actress was recently cited by the Daily Mail as one of the show’s stars. Among her many accolades is an Emmy award for her role in the series. In early March 2016, she reportedly dated former Montreal Canadiens center Travis Burns.

Not only is Emma Lane a lovely actress, but her looks are alright too. While the actress may not be the most well-endowed lady, her blond locks and tanned skin are attractive. For someone who was once described as a “Gold Coast girl,” she has come a long way.

Although her role in “Neighbors” is small compared to the female leads in the soaps, she can still get in a few scenes a week. When she first joined the show in 2015, she played a sexy, snobbish blonde. Now, she has more on her plate.

Emma is a wise young woman with a bit of a sexy streak. She has a big mouth and is a keen observer of her surroundings. Her family is a tad on the posh side, but she still manages to be the life of the party. As the primary caregiver for her siblings, it’s no wonder she is a natural for the limelight.

Interestingly, the actor is not the only one to take note of the award. Emma’s predecessor Max Bouffard was a former Kahnawake Condor, and the actress Tasya Teles is a stage veteran. Other notable actors include former Montreal Canadiens player Terry Ryan, former ‘Canes center Brandon Nolan, and legendary all-ty Mirasty Andrew Antsanen. This multi-tasking trio is a force to be reckoned with.

Aside from being one of the most popular shows on the air, “Neighbors” has garnered a lot of buzz on the internet and among fans. Emma has been lauded as a model of social grace, and she’s following in the footsteps of her co-star Margot Robbie.

Emma Lane And Travis Burns Wedding Highlights

The latest “Neighbours” wedding highlights include Emma Lane and Travis Burns. The two celebrated their nuptials in an intimate ceremony at the Bellarine Peninsula vineyard, BAIE Wines. Not only were there plenty of friends and family to witness the event, but also “Neighbors” cast members.

After three years of dating, Emma Lane and Travis Burns finally engaged last year. They shared a photo of them in front of a giraffe. While they don’t share their star signs, they have an upscale Aussie family.

Emma Lane started her acting career with “Neighbors,” playing Courtney Grixti. She later moved to Los Angeles to continue her acting career. In February, she began working on her first movie.

She wore a feather-skirted ivory gown. The bride had her hair down in loose waves. Several guests were wearing white.

Co-stars Ariel Kaplan, Harley Bonner, Matty Wilson, Lilly van der Meer, and Jason Lockhart were among them. One of these stars was also a fan of the couple.

Emma Lane was reportedly 30 years old in March. Her parents are yet to be revealed.

Emma Lane has been dating her longtime “Neighbours” co-star, Travis Burns, for many years. Before they got married, the pair enjoyed a very healthy bond. They were a romantic couple for most of their dating life.

After a year of dating, Emma Lane and Travis Burns got engaged. A group of “Neighbors” cast members joined them for the wedding. Travis wrote a lovely Instagram post on the wedding day, calling it Mr—& Mrs. Burns.

As for the wedding, it was a beautiful ceremony. The couple exchanged vows and wore custom One Day Bridal gowns. Also present was Lily van der Meer, who plays Xanthe Canning. Despite the pressures of their busy careers, Emma Lane and Travis Burns have made time to spend with each other. They’ve even entered puzzles in Woman’s Day magazine.

Lastly, they’re also fans of each other’s work. They love sharing products on social media and have 802 followers on Instagram. They’ve also shared their wedding photos on Instagram.

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