RHUGT_ Season 4_ Two Housewives Reportedly Exit After An Explosive Fight

“RHUGT” Season 4: Two Housewives Reportedly Exit After An Explosive Fight


What caused the fight between the two housewives on the set of Ultimate Girls Trip?

During the fourth season of “Ultimate Girls Trip,” two housewives reportedly left the set following an argument. The altercation is said to have occurred between two of the cast members.


The turmoil on the set of the popular reality program is nothing new, and it appears that the animosity between the cast members is at an all-time high. And this time, it was Brandi Glanville and Caroline Manzo who was not on good terms.

Along with Alex McCord, Camille Grammer, Caroline, and Gretchen Rossi, the returning cast members of the second season of Ultimate Girls Trip include Brandi, Vicki, Phaedra Parks, and Eva Marcille. Like the “Real Housewives of New York City” did in Season 4, the women traveled to Morocco.

According to several accounts, Brandi has been arguing not just with Caroline but also with Alex, Camille, and Vicki since the women arrived at the destination.

Then it was revealed that Caroline departed the program the day after Brandi left because of all the controversy. Along with Brandi, Caroline was also at odds with Camille.

Brandi Glanville

Although the specifics of the altercation were not made public, one of the sources, podcast host Zack Peter, first made it clear that it wasn’t a physical altercation before going on to describe it in greater detail.

In an explanation posted to his social media account, he said that Caroline apparently became quite upset when Brandi made an “unwanted” move toward her in what was probably a funny way.

Caroline even views it as “inappropriate contact” because she thinks Brandi crossed a line with her. The shooting was halted as a result of having to shift Brandi to a different hotel. 

As the women appeared to be uniting around Brandi, Caroline made the decision to end the trip early. Still, their other co-stars continued to shoot through Saturday’s finale, but the incident between them is now the subject of an ongoing internal investigation.

Caroline Manzo

The tension that has long plagued the “Ultimate Girls Trip” set is now again evident in this most recent event. There have been clashes and disputes on the show ever since it first aired, which follows a group of ladies as they tour the globe together.

In previous seasons, there have been a number of instances where the cast members have butted heads. Despite that, it’s evident that the cast of “Ultimate Girls Trip” is in for a lengthy and challenging journey, whatever the circumstances.

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Brandi Glanville and Alex McCord heading to the airport after they take down Caroline Manzo

Allegedly Brandi was sent home after some altercation with Caroline Manzo on RHUGT? No way!..

Brandi Glanville & Caroline Manzo in Morocco

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