Nina Ali Announces Her Sudden Exit From “The Real Housewives of Dubai”


Fans of the program were unprepared for the announcement since they thought she would return for the second season.

It’s official: Nina Ali is done with “The Real Housewives of Dubai.” The reality star made the announcement on her Instagram page on Monday, writing that she decided to leave the franchise after just one season.

Nina Ali

“It was an honor to be a part of the debut season of “The Real Housewives of Dubai,” and to help @bravotv bring this beloved franchise to the city I call home,” she began her statement. 

The founder of “Game Over” went on to express her gratitude to the network, Andy Cohen, and the “Truly Original” crew for including her in their “extended family and for embracing the diversity of riches Dubai has to offer.”

She added that 2023 has already presented her with a number of exciting opportunities, such as a “developing new business, a new home, and new adventures,” so for the time being, she will be shifting her attention away from the show in order to give herself the room to concentrate on “new challenges.”

Nina Ali RHODubai

The real housewife concluded her statement by wishing her fellow Housewives well in the future and stating that she will now be rooting for them. Following her announcement, some of her co-stars decided to wish her good luck by leaving a message in the comment area of her post.

“If I try to put into words how much I love and care about you it will take a lifetime. My Ninzzzzz ♥️,” Caroline Brooks wrote. D’Andra Simmons also commented, writing, “Blessings on your new endeavors! 😘❤️”

On the other hand, while some viewers of the program were saddened by her unexpected departure, others didn’t find it to be very upsetting because they thought she was boring and didn’t fit in at all with the program.

Ali joined the cast of “The Real Housewives of Dubai” for its inaugural season, which aired last year. She was one of the six housewives featured in the program, which portrayed the daily lives of a group of affluent ladies in Dubai.

Although Ali’s exit from the series is surprising, other housewives occasionally quit after just one season. In fact, it’s pretty typical for women to join the program and then leave it for frequently similar reasons to Ali’s.

This information follows Chanel Ayan’s confirmation of her return for Season 2 of “RHODubai” and our earlier report that two of her co-stars, Sara Al Madani and Lesa Milan, might not be asked to return to the popular reality series.

Nina Ali Bravo

The replacement for Nina on “The Real Housewives of Dubai” has not yet been announced, but one thing is for certain: her absence will change the dynamic of the program.

She was a part of the franchise’s founding cast; therefore, her departure is unexpected. Although it’s unfortunate that she is no longer a member of “RHODubai,” we wish her the best of luck in all of her future pursuits.

Reactions to Nina Ali Announces Her Sudden Exit From "The Real Housewives of Dubai"

nina ali #rhodubai 💔💔

Wow Nina Ali really got fired 😢.. She deserved another season! Bravo are tanking these days.

Nina Ali was a good housewife-interesting family life and very wealthy. She also encapsulated the essence of Dubai the best, in my opinion. On top of that, she was a big connector in the group, and also showed potential at the reunion for feuds with Ayan and Lesa in season 2. Sad

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