How Did Eminem Lose Weight?


How Eminem Gain Weight

If you’re a big fan of Eminem, you probably already know that the rapper is an avid fitness buff. He’s also been known to take on a number of workout routines, including the Insanity workout and the Body Beast workout.

But you may not know that the rapper struggled with drug addiction, which caused him to gain significant weight. Thankfully, he’s overcome his issues and now has a lean and fit physique.

Eminem, whose real name is Marshall Bruce Mathers III, has a long history of drug addiction. He once took 60 Valium and 30 Vicodin a day and was severely overweight at one point.

When he decided to overcome his drug addiction, he discovered that running helped him lose weight and stay fit. He started training 17 miles a day and began using workout DVDs.

He continued this workout routine and eventually managed to shed his excess weight. The rapper has been working hard to get back into shape and continue his journey in recovery.

He has been very open about his struggle with addiction and even mentioned a couple of albums, Relapse and Recovery, dedicated to his battles with alcohol and drugs. In addition to focusing on his music, Eminem has also found that exercise is integral to his recovery.

Eminem's Weight Loss Tricks

The main keys to Eminem’s successful weight loss:

  • He decided to follow a healthy lifestyle to fight addiction.
  • He does cardio and weight training.
  • He enjoys running.
  • He follows a strict diet plan based on whole foods and protein.
  • He avoids sugar and alcohol.

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Eminem Struggles With Addiction

Eminem gained much weight during his drug addiction. The rap superstar reportedly tipped the scales at 230 pounds during the peak of his prescription pill addiction.

During that time, he took 60 Valium and 30 Vicodin pills daily. He also ate a lot of food to fill up his drug cravings.

He was able to break free from his addiction thanks to the help of a supportive friend. He credits Elton John as his mentor, who helped him overcome his drug addiction.

The Grammy-winning rapper was able to get clean and stay sober because he knew he had a problem and got the help he needed. He also got a sponsor and went to 12-step meetings regularly.

Eminem has overcome the situation and has become a positive example for others. He has a successful career and also helps others struggling with drug abuse by sharing his story with people in need.

Eminem's Weight Loss Journey

A year after Eminem overdosed on pills, he started working out to combat his addiction. He says he ran to “help my sleep pattern and give me a natural endorphin high.”

His running addiction quickly turned into an obsession, so much so that he was burning 2,000 calories and logging 17 miles daily on the treadmill. This caused too much wear and tear on his hip flexors, so he started changing his workout.

Eminem switched to home workouts like Shaun T’s Insanity and P90X before settling on the Body Beast program. He is a fitness enthusiast who regularly works out to keep himself in shape.

His workout routine involves weight training and cardio. His workouts are borderline obsessive, and he is known to count calories all day long.

Eventually, he realized he had been running too much and needed to change his approach. He started doing strength training and plyometric exercises and has now bounced back.

Eminem also eats a healthy diet, avoiding sugars and alcohol and feeding his body with protein. The rapper has a strict diet plan based on whole foods and protein. He avoids processed foods and drinks like soda, sugary juices, and milk.

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