“RHOP” Alum Katie Rost: From Reality TV Star To Retail Worker Earning $14 Per Hour


Even though this is a long cry from her former life of luxury, she is doing her best to make ends meet.

It’s no secret that many reality television stars find it difficult to return to their regular lives when their 15 minutes of fame have passed. However, the former “RHOP” star Katie Rost appears to be dealing with some personal difficulties of her own. Recently, the mother of three revealed that she is currently making $14 per hour while working in retail.

Katie Rost

Katie posted a picture of herself on Instagram on Saturday wearing a cap from her place of employment, “Winged Foot,” which is a golf country club, and she wrote that she had just begun working a “real job.”

“I just got off of an 8 hour shift working minimum wage,” she added. “A guy who works at a restaurant next to where I work asked if he could give me a foot massage. I feel like a real person instead of a reality tv person; I made $14 an hour,… Keepin it real.”

Only New York City would be shown as a place if you googled “Wing Foot.” It may be a sign that the former “Real Housewives of Potomac” alum is currently residing there or that she is only traveling for work.

Some of her followers were taken aback when she revealed that she works in retail, but most of them sent their support and encouragement still.

Katie Rost rhop

It’s been a while since we’ve seen Katie Rost on “The Real Housewives of Potomac.” The last time we saw her, she was going through a messy divorce. After that, she can be seen begging to come back to the hit reality show.

She made her debut in season 1 and then returned for season 2. But by Season 3, she had left the show, and even though she briefly returned in Season 4 as a “friend,” she was absent at that year’s reunion.

The now-retail worker stated at that time, “I would like to issue a public apology, for statements I made that weren’t cool in the past to Andy Cohen.”

Even more, the former Bravo star admitted that she did desire a job and vowed to act entirely appropriately. Along with saying sorry, she assured everyone that she was not thirsty and just wanted to work.

Observing what happens to reality TV stars when the cameras stop recording is always enlightening. Although life, in reality, has been very different for Katie Rost than it was during her time on “RHOP,” she is still able to succeed.

Her willingness to be so forthright about her current circumstance is remarkable. It serves as a reminder that everyone has difficulties in life, not just reality TV stars.

Katie is a genuine inspiration for everyone going through a challenging moment, and we wish her the best of luck in her new endeavor.

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Katie Rost deserves nothing but to be showered with love for her openness in her journey! Love her updates #RHOP

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