Fox News Anchor Shocking Revelation About her Divorce During On-Air Valentine’s Day Segment

Fox News Anchor Goes Public With Divorce LIVE On Valentine’s Day Segment


A video of a newscaster in the United States announcing her divorce on air has gone viral on social media.

Most people appreciate getting various surprises from their loved ones, especially on special occasions such as Valentine’s Day. This Fox News anchor, on the other hand, is unfazed by her on-air announcement, shocking the audience.

The conversation started toward the end of the episode when host Greg Gutfeld questioned Julie, who has been married to her husband, Andrew Sansone, since 2009, about her plans for Valentine’s Day.

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In the opening seconds, Gutfeld asked about Julie’s current relationship, which he later clarifies is none of his concern. Yet, he still asks if “it” is truly over, pertaining to her relationship status.

And to which Julie laughed and dropped her breaking news about her marriage status, saying, “Well, I am going to get a divorce. I’m going to say it right here for the first time.”

She further said, “Thank you, everyone. Congratulations are in order. That was breaking news right here on Gutfeld!”

But before even the segment started, Julie had already hinted that she would disclose a “little announcement at the ending of the show on her Twitter post, alongside a beautiful selfie. 

Further, when Banderas referred to Sansone as her “soon-to-be-ex” in December, she was hinting about the end of their romance.

Reactions to Fox News Anchor Goes Public With Divorce LIVE On Valentine’s Day Segment

Cause for celebrations and congratulations all around for a person who makes a career out of repeating Christian values talking points.

Romance 💘 lives.


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