Racist Rant By A Woman At A Hatboro Pizza Video Has Gone Viral On Tiktok And Reddit

Woman’s Racist Rant At A Hatboro Pizzeria Video Has Gone Viral On Tiktok And Reddit


The white woman’s almost 5 minutes racist rant, directed at employees at a restaurant in Montgomery County, went viral.

On Thursday night, a lady shouted racist racial slurs at Amy’s Family Pizza staff in Hatboro, according to a now-deleted TikTok video from user @kellyflores765, which was later posted on Reddit.

In the first few seconds of the viral video, a woman in a black shirt leaned close to the cashier as she spoke with him. She says, “What’s wrong with that is you’re not American, dude. I will look you the f*ck up and get you the f*ck out of our town. F*ck you,” giving him the finger.

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After seeing Spanish on the screen inside the restaurant, the woman—whose whereabouts Amy’s Family Pizza has requested viewers not to reveal—boasted what she claims are her family’s centuries-long roots in the borough and the veteran status of her grandfather.

She then asks about the immigration status of a worker and demands her money back, claiming she won’t go to a business that broadcasts in languages other than English.

Furthermore, the customer is called a racist by the employee after she confronts him for filming her.

As a policeman enters the business, the video comes to an end. According to a news release, Hatboro police acknowledged they responded to a disturbance on Thursday at Amy’s Family Pizza and that an officer “de-escalated the dispute.”

The agency stated that due to an ongoing investigation, there would be no publicly disclosing the identities of anyone involved. Moreover, no one at Amy’s Family Pizza was willing to speak.

According to a statement Amy’s Family Pizza shared on Facebook on Friday, “We appreciate all your love and support, but we do not support anyone trying to find this woman and accusing innocent people.”

After the video was posted, the pizza shop received a flood of positive reviews on Yelp and more than a thousand positive reviews on Google.

Reactions to Woman's Racist Rant At A Hatboro Pizzeria Video Has Gone Viral On Tiktok And Reddit

Well, my grandfather fought in WWII, too, and he couldn’t stand people like this racist nutbag. Love how she turns around and portrays herself as the victim.

I don't know how anyone calmly deals with people like this.

Talk about main character syndrome! She's lived in Hatboro for 100 years! That's alot of business they're losing! /s

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