Wild Altercation On Southwest Flight After One Passenger Bumps Into The Mother


A Southwest Airlines passenger assaulted another traveler after bumping into his wife “aggressively.”

When someone mistreats a member of your family, one may, in fact, get aggressive. Apparently, the same case happened to the passengers on a Southwest Airlines flight.

A wild video shows a Southwest Airlines passenger assaulting another traveler on board by throwing punches and placing him in a headlock. The attacker claimed the other passenger had bumped into his wife with force.

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On Monday, during a flight from Dallas to Phoenix, a commotion broke out when a man traveling with his family accused a heavily tattooed individual of being combative, according to WFAA.

In the footage, the father can be seen losing his cool and assaulting another man as fellow passengers rush in to intervene. But, the attacker loses control and attacks.

The woman who captured the incident on video told Fox News Digital that when the passenger with tattoos unintentionally bumped into the man’s wife, he began to speak rudely.

According to her statement to the media, the father punched the other guy repeatedly, about four to five times, until she decided to start recording the incident. 

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After things calmed down a bit, the attacker argued that his victim had aggressively approached his family, and he was willing to go to jail or even die to protect them. 

He warned the other person not to mess with his family and justified his violent behavior by saying, “That’s why I beat your ass!”

According to Fox News Digital, witnesses reported that both men were guided off the plane, but the Dallas Police Department denied any arrests. 

In response to the incident, a Southwest representative praised the crew for handling the situation with safety as a top priority and ensuring other passengers were comfortable. 

The airline provided no additional information but confirmed that the flight arrived on schedule.

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