Samantha Saunders Claims Oliver Cheated On Her With Raquel Leviss After Steamy Make-Out Session On “Vanderpump Rules”

Samantha Saunders Claims Oliver Cheated On Her With Raquel Leviss After Steamy Make-Out Session On “Vanderpump Rules”


She even detailed what he did to her and their kids.

Samantha Saunders recently created a stir on social media when she accused her now ex-husband, Oliver Saunders, of cheating on her with his “Vanderpump Rules” co-star Raquel Leviss. 

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Recently, the two were seen flirting on the hit reality program, and Samantha insisted that they were still married at the time. By claiming that he is divorced from his wife in the most recent episode, Olive was also exposed as a liar.

Prior to the episode airing, Samantha posted on her Instagram story the following statement: “Tomorrow is going to be a really hard day for me! The fact that ppl think is cute and flaunting what they did is beyond painful! You know what you did!!! Completely delusional! I deserve so much more respect than this!”

The aforementioned “Vanderpump Rules” episode was one that aired on Wednesday night and featured Oliver and Raquel making out at the bar named “Discopussy.”

However, the problem is that Samantha and Oliver were technically still married at the time of the makeout because the scene was captured last year, and Oliver’s divorce petition wasn’t really submitted until January of this year.

Afterward, Samantha released another statement, this time detailing what Oliver did not just to her but to their kids and how he lied throughout their marriage ever since he appeared on “Vanderpump Rules.”

Oliver and Raquel

In a since-deleted post acquired by an Instagram user, I Live for Bravo, Samantha first detailed the “demons” Oliver was battling, such as “strong addiction and in the courts” and how she helped him “get back on feet.” 

“I financially supported this man and all the kids off one income while he was getting clean. I worked extra paid for all his studio time with music,podcasts,video shoots etc.”

She continued by saying that she had expected Oliver to support her when she expressed her intention to pursue a career in real estate, just as she had done for him in the past, but once Olive secured a job, he abandoned her, leaving her in debt and in need of money.

Samantha further mentioned that she had been told to remain silent and that Oliver has treated her and their children with complete disrespect ever since he made an appearance on Bravo’s popular reality program.

“He has made jokes about my mental health and suicidal thoughts with coworkers. He has committed adultery with coworkers and guests of the restaurant. I have found out he has made out with Raquel while filming @lisavanderpump & plans to continue to go on a date with Raquel while filming.”

Samantha and Oliver Family

“He continue to lie to me and say he wanted to work on things but behind my back continue to talk bad about me and disown being a stepdad,” she added.

In her closing remarks, Samantha stated that her family now needs time to recover from the suffering they have experienced both in public and behind closed doors. Apart from that, she requests that they remember them in their prayers, subsequently saying she has receipts of everything.

The mother of four likewise released a statement to Entertainment Tonight regarding the incident, saying, “I blame him. He was the married man. He chose to lie and cheat. Of course, I’m not happy with Raquel, but no, it’s his fault all this happened! It’s very traumatic for me.” 

“We had an amazing marriage and were best friends. He was a great stepdad and dad. Everything changed when he was so desperate for the camera and fame. He truly will do anything. It’s scary and sad.”

Additionally, she stated that Raquel informed her that she was unaware that Oliver was still dating someone else and confronted him during the date that the episode was recorded, but since she couldn’t trust either of them, she was unable to learn the full details of what transpired on that date once everything came to light.

“Raquel called me. We talked on the phone the day that I aired all his stuff out. I did not want him to write a false narrative of what happened. I was told to say nothing because we want to protect his reputation, but how is that fair!? He wrecked a whole family! My kids were devastated.”

When asked about the divorce, Samantha said that she and Oliver had no intentions of divorcing until she learned about the kiss and his cheating, noting that she “found tons of other women he was cheating on me within his direct messages.”

“Yes, he wants to be on any show. My understanding is he was telling Lisa Vanderpump we separated so he told the girls and thought he should go out with them when they came to town. I then had a gut feeling something was off when he posted the picture with the girls.”

Oliver, on the other hand, refuted her allegations and said that they were no longer together at the time of the kiss. He indicated that he had his own home and was working on filing for divorce as soon as possible. He views everything else as irrelevant and is just concerned with taking care of his son.

Tom and Raquel Affair

Oliver and Raquel’s kiss, captured on camera and featured in the recent episode, comes right after it was revealed that Raquel had been having a romantic relationship with Tom Sandoval for several months. It was even rumored that Raquel kissed Oliver in an effort to make Sandoval jealous.

Ariana Madix, Sandoval’s longtime girlfriend, ended their relationship as a result of her affair with him. All the persons involved had a great deal of drama and anxiety as a result of the discovery, and it is still a hot topic of conversation among their friends, acquaintances, and show fans.

Although it’s uncertain how this issue will turn out in the long run, it’s evident that everyone involved has some bruised emotions and strained relationships right now.

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