Nashville Father Died After Speeding Drag Racer Going 100mph In Dodge Charger Loses Control


A reckless drag racer driving at 100mph in a Dodge Charger loses control and collides with a car, resulting in the death of a 34-year-old Nashville father-of-three.

A man from Nashville who was a father of three died in a car accident. The accident happened when a drag racer driving a Dodge Charger at 100mph lost control and crashed into his car.

A drag racer going at an alarming 100 mph lost control of his car and tragically claimed the life of a Nashville dad on his way to support his daughter’s softball game. Despite being rescued from his vehicle and rushed to the hospital, Jacob Barnhardt, 34, succumbed to his injuries.

Nashville Father Died After Speeding Drag Racer

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In an emotional statement to WEAU, Kate Kastle, the partner of Barnhardt, expressed how they were planning to spend their evening. Barnhardt eagerly looked forward to picking up Kastle’s two boys before heading to his daughter’s softball game. 

However, their plans were shattered after the tragic accident, ripping away their beloved Barnhardt. Kastle expressed her disbelief and sorrow, stating, “He was leaving the job that he loved to go pick up the children that he loved.”

She mentioned that Barnhardt never missed anything related to their children. However, Kastle became concerned when he received a call from his daughter’s mother, saying that he didn’t show up at the game. 

Kastle added, “When my boy’s dad called asking if everything was OK because he didn’t pick up the boys, I just knew something happened.”


According to law enforcement officials, two Dodge Challengers were engaged in a drag racing activity while heading southbound on Clarksville Pike. 

Unfortunately, one of the drivers lost control of their vehicle, veered into the northbound lane, and collided with Barnhardt’s vehicle. A Toyota pick-up truck was also involved in the incident, but the vehicle’s driver did not sustain any injuries.

Following the incident, a drag racer fled the location. In contrast, a 31-year-old named Patrick Ewin, the police identified as the driver who hit Barnhardt, suffered only minor injuries but was arrested and charged with vehicular homicide by recklessness for causing Barnhardt’s demise.

Kastle described Barnhardt as a former Army special forces combat medic who served 18 years at Fort Campbell. She stated that Barnhardt was a dedicated family man who was willing to go to any lengths for the sake of his children. 

Furthermore, the authorities in Nashville have yet to locate the individual operating the second Dodge Charger.

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