Excessive Spending, Cheating Issues, And More Reasons For Lisa Hochstein’s Divorce


She is getting a massive bill for her divorce.

The lawyers helping the “Real Housewives of Miami” star Lisa Hochstein get divorced from Lenny Hochstein have said in court papers that Lisa owes them more than $85,000. Attorney Paul Leinoff says the reality star owes $49,171.48 for legal fees, costs, and suit money due to Leinoff & Lemos, P.A.

He also writes that Lisa owes $35,841.90 for the services of the accounting firm Kaufman Rossin & Co. Lisa owes $85,013.38 to the court, and until she pays it off, interest will be added to that amount. Since April 26, when she first hired the team, she has added to the debt.

Since Lenny first asked for a divorce, Lisa has been fighting with the plastic surgeon to get emergency money from him. The Peacock star said in court papers that her ex-husband had cut off her credit cards, so she could no longer buy diapers or food for their two kids. The self-proclaimed “boob god” replied that Lisa makes \$30,000 per episode of “RHOM.”

lisa hochstein kids

In December 2022, Lenny also said Lisa bought $9,000 of designer clothes in one week, just a few days before he put a limit on how much she could spend each month. He also made her give back the expensive purses for money she could use for Logan and Elle.

Lenny said that Lisa’s excessive requests for money come from her still living in their Star Island mansion and driving expensive cars like a Range Rover and a Rolls-Royce.

On the other hand, Lisa says that her spending habits were partly why her divorce from Dr. Lenny Hochstein was so wrong. During Part 1 of the Season 5 reunion for “Real Housewives of Miami,” moderator Andy Cohen asked the reality star, “Did anyone have a problem with how much money you spent on your lifestyle?

Lisa and Lenny Hochstein

“What do you know? Yeah,” replied Lisa, adding quickly that she works for free at the Hochstein Med Spa, and she insisted, “I wasn’t a lazy bum.” She also said that Lenny had a problem with how she socialized. The blonde bombshell said she was drunk when the plastic surgeon told her he wanted a divorce, and she had been out with friends until 4 a.m.

But Lisa said that she only stayed out late, maybe once a month and that Lenny also went out with friends sometimes.  Still, Lisa and her co-stars don’t think that Lenny should have left her and their two kids, Logan, 7, and Elle, 3, for his current girlfriend, Katharina Mazepa, who is much younger.

Lisa and Lenny Hochsteins

Lisa has repeatedly said that Lenny cheated on her with the model, who is 27 years old. In a “hot mic” moment from the Peacock reality show, Lisa’s then-husband was overheard talking to a friend about how soon he would be single before he and Lisa split up. 

This confirmed Lisa’s suspicions. She was devastated and shocked by the footage after it aired; she said, “I always thought something might have been going on.” But Lenny has denied having an affair repeatedly, saying that he and Mazepa only got together after he and Lisa decided to break up.

Even though she is happy in love again, the Canadian-born housewife feels like her divorce, which started in May 2022 but has been put on hold because of a bitter fight over a child and spousal support, has no end in sight. Now, they are trying to settle the support issue without having a hearing.