Hot At 64_ Madonna Kisses Boxer Josh Popper And Shows Support At His Boxing Fight

Hot At 64: Madonna Kisses Boxer Josh Popper And Shows Support At His Boxing Fight


Love is still in the air in the 60s!

Madonna appeared to confirm her relationship with Josh Popper on March 7 with a sexy kissing selfie as they prepared for her highly anticipated global tour as she also posted a photo of herself and her new boyfriend, Josh Popper, at his boxing match in Brooklyn.

Hot At 64_ Madonna Kisses Boxer Josh Popper And Shows Support At His Boxing Fight

The ever-changing love life of pop music queen Madonna was confirmed last March 7 when she reportedly saw Joshua Popper. The singer offered her followers an exclusive look at her new partner by posting a sexy kissing selfie with him while celebrating the Jewish holiday of Purim. 

Pictures of Madonna wearing a lace ski mask and kissing a man wearing a ski mask were posted to her Instagram Story as she wrote: “Killers who are partying” as the selfie’s caption.

Madonna has also been seen with Josh before; on March 3, as she attended his boxing match. When Josh’s boxing match was over, Madonna left Brooklyn and was spotted at JFK Airport the next evening getting on a trip back to New York as she looked stylish with a black puffer coat, a floral sweater, and a scarf. However, Madonna was not with Josh with her at that time in the airport.

Also, on February 12, Josh posted a slideshow of photographs on Instagram from a game he attended with Madonna. “One more victory to add to the record books! I want to thank everyone in the team who has helped me improve inside and outside the ring. I got some excellent folks at my side,” he captioned the photo. 

The 29-year-old flexed his arm in the second slide as Madonna held onto it and partially concealed herself behind him. Several of Josh’s followers were among the many who reacted to the couple’s affection in the comments section of the February photo. 

After reportedly breaking up with Andrew Darnell, less than a month has passed before the blonde bombshell finds new love. Madonna has been dating Josh for about a month after confirming the breakup with Andrew for the first time a month ago. Although their relationship is superficial, she isn’t heartbroken about Darnell’s rejection. Moreover, although her relationship with Andrew was not serious, they had much fun together.

According to a brief biography that can be found on the Bredwinner website, Popper has been an athlete his entire life and works as a coach full-time. As per to what it says, “boxing isn’t just about teaching you how to move in the ring; it’s also about teaching you how to move throughout your entire life”

“You can anticipate employing both your body and your intellect in order to acquire a new skill, increase strength, and move in a functional manner when working with Coach Josh. Because he began his boxing career at the same level as you, this gym is open to boxers of all skill levels. Whether you want to box for enjoyment, to learn a new sport, or to compete in the ring, you are welcome here.”

Despite Madonna’s globe tour, “The Celebration,” has kept her extremely busy, she found the perfect time to make the initial announcement on Instagram on January 17 and has been continuously updating followers ever since. 

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