How Did Kate Hudson Lose Weight?


Kate Hudson's Weight Loss Journey

Kate Hudson is an American actress, author, and fashion entrepreneur who has been in the public eye for over two decades. Over the years, she has been admired for her talent and her fit and toned physique.

Hudson has been in the news for her significant weight loss, which has left many fans wondering how she did it. The actress has been open about her weight loss journey in interviews and on social media.

She has shared that she gained weight during her pregnancies and struggled to lose it afterward. She also said that it was harder for her to keep her weight at a healthy level as she got older.

To kick-start her weight loss journey, Hudson turned to Weight Watchers, now known as WW, in 2018. WW is a weight loss program focusing on healthy eating, physical activity, and healthy habits.

Kate Hudson's Weight Loss Tricks

The main keys to Hudson’s successful weight loss:

  • She participates in Weight Watchers (WW).
  • She does intermittent fasting.
  • She works out and her favorite is Pilates.

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Kate Hudson Credits Her Weight Loss to Weight Watchers and Intermittent Fasting

Hudson has credited WW with helping her lose weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle. The program helped her make healthier food choices, increase her physical activity, and prioritize self-care. She became a spokesperson for the program and documented her progress on social media.

She also embraced intermittent fasting, which involves eating during a specific window and fasting for the rest of the day. Intermittent fasting has been shown to aid weight loss and improve metabolic health.

In addition to WW and intermittent fasting, Kate Hudson has incorporated other healthy habits into her lifestyle. She enjoys practicing yoga, which helps her to stay flexible, improve her posture, and reduce stress. She also prioritizes getting enough sleep and staying hydrated.

Kate Hudson's Diet and Exercise

Hudson is not a fan of fast food and eats a healthy diet with lots of fruits, veggies, and plant-based protein. She also enjoys salads, and she eats a lot of nuts and seeds.

However, it wasn’t until the second pregnancy that she got serious about fitness. After gaining 70 pounds, she had to go on a strict diet and workout regimen to lose weight.

It took her 18 months and plenty of hard work to regain her fit physique. She has incorporated intermittent fasting into her new health regimen, according to Women’s Health.

In addition, Hudson takes a metabolism-boosting supplement daily, which helps her maintain her lean figure. She’s been drinking more water, which she said is vital for successful weight loss.

When it comes to workouts, the actress loves to keep her body sculpted and toned with intense exercises that make her muscles grow strong and lean.

She combines different forms of movement, including cardio and strength training, to maximize each exercise’s benefits. She aims to work out at least four times a week.

One of Hudson’s favorite exercises is Pilates, which she’s been doing since age 19. She loves to use different equipment and creative ways to move her body during workout sessions.

The actress also prefers to use a variety of weights during her workouts. In addition, she likes to incorporate dance movements into her workouts as well.

Her workout routine includes a number of core exercises that target her abs. She also does a series of lateral slides that effectively target her legs and thighs.

During her workouts, she also drinks hot water with lemon for detoxing. She recommends this method for anyone who wants to shed weight quickly and easily.


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