Ashley Graham Scorned By Hugh Grant With Eyes-rolling During His Oscars Interview

Ashley Graham Scorned By Hugh Grant With Eyes-Rolling During His Oscars Interview

Charis May Bragas

Grant's eye-rolling interview response blows off Ashley Graham saying "kill people with kindness."

On Sunday, the 95th Annual Academy Awards took place at the Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles, with “Everything Everywhere All at Once” taking home the major prize. It was indeed a night of historic triumphs. One of the presenters of the show was Ashley Graham, who interviewed Hugh Grant, who was flagged down on the champagne carpet which gave the 2023 Oscars an unpleasant start.

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Hugh Grant and Ashley Graham had a tense interaction at the Oscars, but Ashley Graham handled it with poise, and she’s doing the same again. The British actor was asked early in the evening what his favorite part of attending the Oscars was. After an agonizing pause, he responded, “It’s fascinating… the whole of humanity is here… it’s Vanity Fare.”

Graham retorted, alluding to the renowned after-Oscars celebration hosted by the glitzy publication: “Oh yes, it’s all about Vanity Fair; that’s where we need to let loose and have a little fun.” Grant, however, appeared to be referring to William Makepeace Thackery’s work from 1848. They were clearly on different wavelengths.

When she asked, “What are you most excited to see tonight?” he replied: “To see? No one in particular.” Following another question, “What are you wearing tonight?” to which he replied, almost looking like he was bored: “Just my suit?”

“Who made your suit?” Ashley asked, adding, “You didn’t make it?” However, she received another reply that would probably end a conversation already. “I can’t remember – my tailor,” replied Grant, to which Graham responded back while chuckling, “Shoutout to the tailor!” Graham chuckling.

Despite it, the model asked another question to get more responses from the actor. “So tell me what it felt like to be in “Glass Onion;” it was such an amazing film. I really loved it – I love a thriller,” she inquired as she gushed. “How fun is it to shoot something like that?”

“Well, I’m barely in it,” said Grant. “I’m in it for about three seconds.” Still, Ashley tried to do her interview with Grant more meaningful and get more answers other than that, so she asked another question relating to it, saying, “But still, you showed up, and you had fun, right?” The actor then replied, “Almost.”

Graham gave up and bid the actor good night, to which the guy delivered a clear eye-roll in return. Although some saw it as typical Brit snide remarks, many viewers saw it as Hugh just being “rude.” After his interview with Ashley Graham, Hugh Grant was criticized for being “mean” on social media.

In an interview with TMZ, Graham was asked if any offense were taken after her Grant interview, and she replied, “You know what, my mom always told me to kill people with kindness, and there you go.” She chose not to give any message to Hugh and just told the media that she enjoyed the show.

Ashley doesn’t appear too out of shape now that we think about it. Compassion always triumphs when informing the photographer that she merely adhered to the guidance that had been imparted to her.

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