Talent Is Not Class: Angela Bassett’s Controversial Reaction After Losing An Oscars Award


Everyone could tell that she was inconsolable after she lost the award for "Best Supporting Actress."

Angela Bassett’s face said everything needed to be told as Jamie Lee Curtis was announced as the winner for her supporting performance in the film “Everything, Everywhere, All at Once.” It was too clear what she was trying to convey with her hand gestures.

Unlike the other contenders who were eliminated from consideration, she never made an effort to congratulate Curtis on her achievement. Angela did not smile or applaud Jamie Lee. As a result, the star of “Black Panther: Wakanda Forever” became a topic of conversation across various online platforms.

The actress was up against Hong Chau, Kerry Condon, Jamie Lee Curtis, and Stephanie Hsu for the Actress in a Supporting Role award. Many instantly pointed out on social media that Bassett did not cheer when Curtis was chosen the winner out of the five ladies who had competed.

Before the night of the Oscars, many people had Angela pegged as the one most likely to take home the trophy. It’s natural for her to be upset, but how she acted made it appear that she felt there was a good chance she’d win the statue. The Academy Award nominee’s candid but scathing response to finding out she had not won an award has received various reactions online.

Almost immediately, people on social media labeled Angela as a bad loser. Others, on the other hand, expressed sympathy for her and said that this was yet another Oscar snub. Some now believe that Angela was passed over many years ago, and a victory on that Sunday night would have been a game-changer not only for her but also for Black women everywhere else.

But the public was not pleased with Angela’s response and claimed she acted unprofessionally. They believe Angela did not accept losing the award to Jamie Lee with the dignity and poise it deserved, while some supported her reaction, saying she deserves the recognition. Some of the comments are: 

“It may have been sadness or surprise. Angela wasn’t in the mood to congratulate Jamie Lee Curtis or defend her in any manner, so she didn’t do either.”

“Angela’s behavior in not being able to applaud and cheer for the other women was exceptionally impolite. Additionally, Black Panther wasn’t great, but that has nothing to do with race; it’s just how the movie turned out.”

“Angela Bassett could have shown her support for the Oscar winner regardless of who took the trophy.

angela bassett wakanda forever oscar

“How Angela Bassett reacted when Jamie Lee Curtis’s name was announced demonstrates how much the Oscar would have meant to her. She has always been excellent, and it doesn’t appear that will ever change. I expect to see her up there on that stage very soon.”

“Angela Bassett continues to demonstrate that success does not require the possession of an Academy Award.”

Later that evening, while the nominations for Best Actor were being announced, Bassett was seen clutching Butler’s hands. As a video of the event was posted online and shared widely, admirers swiftly praised Bassett for her comfort to Butler.

“Angela Bassett is precisely the kind of woman I expected her to be,” according to a tweet that included a GIF of the moment Angela Bassett is seen holding Austin Butler’s hand when he was anxious.

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