Love Or Affair: Leonardo DiCaprio And Gigi Hadid’s Another Pillowtalk Scandal


These two celebrities are once again at the center of dating rumors.

The fact that Leonardo DiCaprio and Gigi Hadid were spotted together at the same Oscars afterparty on Sunday night, as well as the fact that they spent their Saturday night at a party before the Oscars, continues to attract the attention of the public is enough proof to say that they might be in love or an affair. 

On Friday night in Los Angeles, Leonardo and Gigi attended a party anticipating the Academy Awards, which sparked new speculations that they were dating.

This year, the annual Oscars party hosted by Darren Dzienciol and Richie Akiva was held at a private residence in Bel Air, California, and Gigi and Leo spent the entire night together. They didn’t kiss or touch hands, but they were close and having a lovely time while staying together in a tent area close to Tobey Maguire, where he was also partying.

Gigi was spotted leaving the most recent party wearing a pair of white slippers rather than the gorgeous transparent heels she wore to arrive at the party. She was wearing a slinky metallic dress with a daring leg slit and had her hair pulled back into a tight bun. Despite this, she still looked lovely.

The party concealed his identity as Leo attended by donning an all-black outfit and a mask. The actress from Titanic sported a shirt with long sleeves and leggings that matched her ensemble perfectly.

It would appear that Leo and Gigi did not want to date one another because they were both at different points in their lives, and their relationship just did not work. The two celebrities never had a romantic relationship and pursued various endeavors in life.

They both have lives and occupations that are pretty busy, and despite their attempts to find time for one another, more was needed. Even though Gigi believed the actor from “The Wolf of Wall Street” was an incredible person, she could not meet with him because their schedules were incompatible.

After they were spotted spending time together at New York Fashion Week in September of the previous year, the model and the actor were initially linked romantically. This occurred in the year 2022. In addition to concentrating on her job in the design sector, Gigi has been devoting her attention to the upbringing of her daughter Khai, who is now two years old and whom she had with her ex-boyfriend Zayn Malik.

According to specific sources, Gigi and Leo spent time together in Milan but are not dating or simply friends. According to the reports, the model and the actor are said to have been seen leaving the same restaurant in Italy ten minutes apart.

The information provided by the source indicated that it is natural for Gigi and Leo to spend time together because they share many of the same acquaintances. They had a fantastic time with their buddies and got along well with one another when they were in Italy.

Gigi’s daughter and her business are her highest priority, and she is putting all her attention on those two things now. They believe that Gigi attended the event to catch up with her close friend Kendall Jenner, who was also there.