Why Is “The Blacklist” Season 9 Episode 19 Dedicated To Kurt Perez?


Kurt Perez received a heartfelt homage on “The Blacklist’s” Season 9 Episode 19, featuring other significant staff members. What you should know about him and his involvement with the play is as follows.

The Blacklist

The Blacklist

On September 23, 2013, The Blacklist,” an American crime thriller television series, debuted on the NBC network. The program centers on Raymond “Red” Reddington, a former U.S. High-profile criminal once a Navy commander who has turned himself in to the FBI after years of evading capture.

The Bear Mask

The Bearmask

“The Bear Mask,” the ninth season finale of “The Blacklist,” was a crazy and intense episode. Aram had some vivid nightmares and looked for an alternate treatment to aid with his mental health.

The topic of the episode is Aram Mojtabai. Aram has long struggled with mental health problems, but his regular coping techniques haven’t worked recently. Aram decides to try LSD therapy as a result. He had a groundhog-day-like experience while under the influence of drugs. Aram’s buddies are murdered at the Post Office by a man wearing a bear mask. Then everything starts afresh from scratch. (1)

Aram eventually encounters a hallucinated version of himself and Samar, which aids in his ability to deal with the guilt and anguish he has been experiencing ever since Liz passed away. Aram hardly smiles as he sits with the imagined versions of Samar and himself after the episode. Following the show’s conclusion, the words “In memory of Kurt Perez, 1972-2022” flash over a black screen.

Who Is Kurt Perez?

Kurt Perez had a crucial role in the Blacklist crew in the show’s ninth season. In March 2022, Perez was operating a vehicle on the Taconic State Parkway when he lost control and collided with a tree. Around 2:30 in the morning, state police arrived at the scene and discovered Perez dead. According to the authorities, the tragedy was caused by wet road conditions. (2)

As a member of the crew and an unsung hero for much of what you see on screen, Perez had a significant role in the universe of the television program. The conclusion of season 9 filming was celebrated by a few members of the hair and makeup team, and even in that message, Perez was honored by having his name appear on the title cards.

One of the best ways for a show to honor someone who contributes to it behind the scenes is by using title cards. These things endure over time, giving everyone who observes in the future a chance to think back on and learn more about this individual. The staff and other people we don’t see on-screen need it more than anyone else; if not, we might never find out anything about them.

According to NBC, Kurt Perez’s family and loved ones should be reminded once more by the title card so that they will continue to cherish their memories of him for the duration of production. Over the years, this program has done an excellent job of honoring those who have contributed in some way. (3)


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