“RHOC” Alum Meghan King Lashes Out To Jim Edmonds’ Plea For Custody Modification

Charis May Bragas

The now-former couple went through plenty of ups and downs throughout their marriage.

On March 13, Jim Edmonds filed a motion to modify the former couple’s custody arrangement in St. Louis court. The “Real Housewives of Orange County” alum Meghan King strikes back at him after he filed the motion to amend their existing parenting agreement.

The former “MLB” star filed paperwork to alter their arrangement earlier this month, citing that it was “impractical and unworkable” in records acquired by PEOPLE. Edmonds seeks “a greater amount of time with the three children and a more consistent schedule.”

“Jim is talking with his legal team about getting full custody of the children because he is getting increasingly upset that Meghan has been out of town during portions of her custodial time,” a source told Us Weekly.

“There have been numerous times where Jim has brought the kids to Meghan for her custodial week only to find she is out of town, and he has to leave them with Meghan’s nanny. [This] raises his concern even more about the amount of time Meghan is away during her custodial time and the amount of time she is actually spending with the children,” they added.

“Jim feels if Meghan cannot be present during the week she has the children, then he should just keep them at his house and not leave them with the nannies.” 

Meghan refuted Jim’s claims, saying, “History can kind of speak for itself,” in an interview with Page Six at Monday night’s 2023 iHeartRadio Music Awards in Los Angeles. “Jim has had three separate mothers of his children, and we’ve all experienced the same kind of thing. So I’m just gonna let that speak for itself.”

“I’m just continuing to be the best mom I can. So to me, nothing will change or has changed. I’m just focused on my children, they’re always my No. 1 priority, and they always will be. That’s all there is to it.” Currently, Meghan and Edmonds need to submit a 30-day advance custody schedule. When parents cannot agree on a monthly plan, a Parent Coordinator makes the call.

However, Page Six reported that a source close to the sports broadcaster claimed, “Meghan does everything possible to make life difficult for Jim and in the process also makes life difficult for her children. Sometimes it seems she hates Jim more than she lives [sic] her kids. Jim is really upset about how Meghan’s actions affect the children.”

The source further claimed, “On the days Jim picks the kids up from school, Meghan will dress them in pajamas so their good school clothes don’t end up at Jim’s house.”

Moreover, Edmonds’ rep told PEOPLE, “Meghan is unstable, unfit, unwilling to co-parent, and unable to provide an environment for the children that is emotionally and physically safe,” adding, If Meghan is unable to effectively parent and co-parent under [the newly proposed] agreement, Jim is prepared to continue to seek greater custody of the children to ensure their emotional and physical well-being.”

Meghan responded in her own statement saying, “I’ve been the primary parent and single mother of my children with zero issues except for the ones in which Jim causes.” She continued, “His salacious claims are unfounded and will be found so in court. My children have always been and always will be my top priority.”

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