Bob Weir’s Net Worth, Height, Age, & Personal Info Wiki

Bob Weir’s Net Worth, Height, Age, & Personal Info Wiki


Bob Weir, a talented American musician, is recognized for his role as a co-founder of the rock group “Grateful Dead,” where he showcased his musical abilities as a guitarist, songwriter, and vocalist. Despite the band’s disbandment in 1995, Weir continued to collaborate with other “Grateful Dead” members in “The Other Ones,” which later adopted the name “The Dead.” 

Weir’s tenure with the band “Grateful Dead” involved his role as a rhythm guitarist and vocalist, wherein he made valuable contributions to several renowned songs. (1)

Bob Weir’s Appearance (Height, Hair, Eyes & More)

Height 6 ft 1 in
1.85 m
Weight 169 pounds
77 kg
Hair Color White
Eye Color Light Brown
Body Type Slim
Sexual Orientation Straight

Facts About Bob Weir

Nationality American
Estimate Net Worth $60 million
Religion Unknown
Zodiac Sign Libra
Birthplace San Francisco
Birthday October 16, 1947

Bob Weir’s Net Worth

As of 2023, Bob Weir’s wealth stands at a staggering $60 million, which he has accumulated through his successful career as an American musician and as one of the founding members of various rock bands. Bob Weir’s success as a talented musician has allowed him to accumulate substantial income from music sales, tours, and merchandise. (2)

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Bob Weir’s Early Life

Bob Weir

Bob Weir, also known as Robert Hall Weir, whose birth date was on October 16, 1947, in San Francisco, California, was placed for adoption by his birth parents. He grew up with adoptive parents in Atherton, where he discovered his passion for music. He began playing the guitar at age 13 after unsuccessfully attempting to learn the piano and trumpet. 

Although he possessed a natural musical talent, Weir struggled with dyslexia, which hindered his academic progress, and he was expelled from multiple schools. During one of these school stints, he met John Perry, who eventually joined the “Grateful Dead.”

Bob Weir’s Wife and Family Life

As of 2023, Bob Weir is romantically involved with his wife, Natascha Muenter. Despite his public persona, Weir maintains a low profile and prefers to keep his personal life private, rarely discussing it with the media. (3)

Bob Weir’s Career

At the age of 16, Bob Weir chanced upon Jerry Garcia while walking into a music store on New Year’s Eve. Garcia was waiting for his students to arrive and was unaware of the occasion. Bob and Garcia then spent the whole night playing music together and eventually agreed to form a band. During their early days, they were greatly inspired by the Beatles, who were at the height of their fame. 

The band underwent several name changes before finally settling on the name Grateful Dead. Despite being readmitted to the band, Weir acknowledged that some of his criticisms were valid. As a result, he committed himself to enhance his guitar skills, which resulted in significant progress. 

The other band members were impressed by his remarkable growth, which included mastering chord voicings and employing advanced guitar techniques. Bob Weir’s debut solo album, “Ace,” was released in 1972. Although he was the primary artist, the Grateful Dead still contributed to the album’s recording. 

One of the standout tracks on the album was “Playing in the Band,” but this song had previously been released on the Grateful Dead’s “Skulls & Roses” album. In addition to his solo efforts, Weir played with other groups during this era, including Kingfish, Bobby, and the Midnites.

Following the death of Garcia in 1995, Weir formed a new band named “RatDog,” where they mostly played covers of songs from iconic musicians like Bob Dylan, Willie Dixon, Chuck Berry, and of course, the Grateful Dead. Even though the original Grateful Dead disbanded in the 1990s, Weir reunited with the remaining members sporadically from 1998 to 2009.

 However, the band was known as “The Dead” instead of “Grateful Dead.” Bob Weir and Phil Lesh collaborated to create a new band, “Furthur,” in 2009. Afterward, Weir established his recording studio, Tamalpais Research Institute, in 2011. 

He also collaborated with the Black Crowes and Jackie Greene while playing with RatDog over the next several years. However, in 2013, Bob displayed signs of exhaustion and other health issues, eventually collapsing on stage in New York. As a result, he took a break from live performances and canceled more shows in 2014 due to medical concerns.

Despite the Grateful Dead’s supposed final performance in 2015, Bob Weir reunited with the surviving members to perform in Chicago. While it was meant to be their last performance, Weir formed a new band with John Mayer, Oteil Burbridge, Jeff Chimenti, and former Grateful Dead members Bill Kreutzmann and Mickey Hart called “Dead & Company.”

They went on to perform throughout 2015, including a New Year’s Eve show, and the band remained intact, continuing to tour for years to come. Weir received several honors and awards in 2016, including the Les Paul Spirit Award and a Lifetime Achievement Award. 

He also released his solo album “Blue Mountain” that year. Weir kept performing with Phil Lesh and established another band, Bob Weir and Wolf Bros, starting in 2018. This group was active in live shows until the Covid-19 pandemic halted most live events. 

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Bob Weir's Real Estate and Other Properties

Recently in 2020, it was disclosed that Bob Weir had put up the house he bought for his biological father, whom he only met later in life, for sale. The house, located in Mill Valley, California, was purchased by Bob, and after his father passed away, it was put on the market for $1.395 million. Apart from this property, Weir owns another house in the same area and an empty lot. 

Bob Weir also owns a home in Stinson Beach, situated over the hill from Mill Valley, and a property near Menlo Park, where he grew up, an hour south of Mill Valley. In March 2022, Bob bought a home in Silver Lake, Los Angeles, for $2.1 million, which was $500,000 over the asking price. (4)


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