Lionel Richie Jokes_ I No Longer Last “All Night Long”

Lionel Richie Jokes: I No Longer Last “All Night Long”

Charis May Bragas

The 73-year-old singer proves he still got it!

Lionel Richie explained the inspiration behind his classic hit “All Night Long,” which was initially released 40 years ago, during an appearance on The View alongside his other Idol judges. In fact, Lionel also disclosed that his sex drive is not as strong as it once was.

“Let me give you the first part that I really, really have to tell you. When I wrote ‘All Night Long, ‘ it really was all night,” he said. “Now my ‘all night’ has shrunk to a whopping 15 minutes. But don’t worry; we’ll talk about that later!” Fifteen minutes isn’t long? Woohoo.

After Lionel joked about his sexual endurance, the audience and his fellow judges laughed. Katy Perry shook his hand and praised him, “Is this show live? Fifteen minutes, that’s long, mate!” Luke Bryan shook his hand and agreed. “As long as it’s not four times a night, seven days a week,” Perry quipped. Lionel applauded after country star Bryan, “Damn right, and don’t forget that, okay?”

Lionel revealed that he had trouble completing the hit song and elaborated on his creative process for writing it. “I had everything but the hook,” said the Grammy winner. “I said, ‘Guys, I gotta get back in the studio, man. I have to go back, man, because I have to work all night, all night.” Soon after, he came up with a catchy hook based on that one phrase.

The lead single from his album “Can’t Slow Down,” “All Night Long,” which was released in 1983, became one of Richie’s most successful songs, reaching number one on the Billboard Hot 100 later that year. After the song was released, Lionel revealed that he was able to finish it at his friend’s house over Thanksgiving.

According to the official Instagram account for the show, the next episodes will air on April 2nd and 3rd. Since season 16 of the popular singing competition, Lionel has served as a judge and remains a fan favorite.

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