Money Can’t Buy Class: Kourtney Kardashian Judged For A “Disgusting” Photoshoot Concept


Just a reminder: It’s time for us to stop telling people how to live and mind our business; it’s 2023, a time to focus on ourselves.

Fans find it gross and disgusting that Kourtney Kardashian brings food into her bathroom. After the “Kardashians” star uploaded an Instagram snapshot of her tiled floor covered in plates of chicken tenders, fruit, and desserts, a flood of harsh comments poured in. 

A half-eaten burger was placed on Kourtney’s toilet seat alongside a glass of water. A bag of chips was hidden behind a soiled towel next to her tub. Over 216 million “Poosh” founder’s followers posted puking or sick green-faced emojis. In contrast, others expanded on their disgust at her bathroom feast.

One user remarked, “I’m going to be ill this is so f—king nasty I stg,” while another commented, “You’re wrong for this, Kourtney. So vile!” One person was especially disgusted by Kardashian placing a sandwich on her toilet. “She placed a hamburger on her toilet?! I will contact the police!” they commented playfully. 

In her Story, Kourtney shared a photo of herself and her husband, Travis Barker, consuming food and champagne taken by celebrity photographer Ellen von Unwerth. The initial photo of her restroom repast was one of a seemingly random assortment of photographs. 

She also shared images of herself wearing a jeweled velour tracksuit, a white bikini, and a form-fitting silver outfit and other photos that did not induce vomiting. A few days prior, Kardashian posed in heels and lingerie to promote her Lemme vitamin brand. 

She displayed her newly bleached platinum blonde hair while wearing a lace-trimmed bustier and skirt.  Notably, the outfit resembled the Dolce & Gabbana gown she used to exchange vows with Barker, in May 2022, during the couple’s opulent Italian wedding ceremony.

However, several fans were quick to defend Kourtney, with one arguing that it is a common practice for individuals to bring their phones to the bathroom and place them next to their meals at restaurants. Then, in her subsequent post, she uploaded a photo of the restroom, but this time in the context of the setup: a photoshoot.

Kourtney and her husband, Travis Barker, shot the toilet scene with Ellen Von Unwerth as part of a plant-based chicken brand Daring promotion. In the photograph, Kourtney and Travis can be seen sitting in a full bathtub, with Kourtney pretending to eat a burger and Travis pouring champagne into his mouth.

Kourtney was not flooding her bathroom with plates of food, and even if she had been, it was her choice to do so. However, we won’t be imitating. “Let Kourt live,” they said. “People are commenting about food in the bathroom, but you take your phone into the bathroom and then take pictures of your food at the table.

Others suggested that Kourtney’s lavatory may be cleaner than eateries. While we would take our time consuming a complete meal in the bathroom, we can see the temptation of drinking a little snack while getting ready.