Danielle Cabral Accuses Melissa Gorga Of Stealing Clothes From Her Pop-Up Store

Danielle Cabral Accuses Melissa Gorga Of Stealing Clothes From Her Pop-Up Store
Danielle Cabral Accuses Melissa Gorga Of Stealing Clothes From Her Pop-Up Store

Does this mean, friendship is over?

On the most recent episode of “RHONJ: After Show,” new housewife Danielle Cabral claims that Melissa stole an ensemble from her pop-up shop without paying for it. Melissa permitted Danielle to sell her clothing and accouterments in her shop, “Envy.”

Danielle invited many people to her event, so Melissa was there both as a customer of Danielle’s and as the owner of Envy, ensuring that Danielle’s customers were well taken care of if they were shopping there. However, Melissa claims in her interview that Danielle gave her the outfit for free until Rachel Fuda reassured her that she paid for the outfit.

There needs to be a significant understanding. Melissa let Danielle use her store for free. If Melissa stole a wardrobe by accident, oh well, honey. Be thankful that Melissa did not charge a rental fee. In addition, the clothes cost $25, making Danielle come across as somewhat ungrateful.  

The Bravo series has been immensely popular with viewers, who have followed the cast members’ voyage and expressed their opinions on social media. OG Season 13 saw the return of housewives Teresa Giudice, Jennifer Aydin, Dolores Catania, Margaret Josephs, and Melissa Gorga.

Newcomers Danielle Cabral and Rachel Fuda joined them. Former cast member Jackie Goldschneider returned to the program as a friend. And it has only been some time before Danielle was in another issue that is quite ironic to her most recent case.  

The women had a great time preparing cheese and consuming it with cocktails while engaging in earnest conversation. When the cast observed Jackie’s absence, Danielle mentioned feeling uncomfortable because Jackie had examined her head to toe and judged her attire.

Melissa, Margaret, and Jackie met for brunch. Jackie wished for an update on Danielle’s cheese-making party and said she had met the newcomer twice without any issues. According to her castmates, the newcomer felt that her outfit was evaluated by gazing at her up and down.

Jackie denied having ever judged anyone but consented to evaluate the “RHONJ” newcomer. She explained her decision and said, “You want to know why, so I’ll be completely honest. It was a total disaster from top to bottom. And I was unable to look away.”

Margaret and Melissa ultimately laughed at Jackie’s remark. The scene changed to reveal that Jackie had observed Danielle’s attire. The former stated that the latter appeared to have taken her shorts out of a hamper and that her attire was dreadful.

The “RHONJ” star voiced her concerns to Danielle and stated, “But listen…if she had a problem with me, she could have called me.” She was of age to be an adult.”

Jackie stated that Danielle’s “entire wardrobe is punishment enough” in response to Margaret’s inquiry about whether she would inform the interloper about her attire.

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