Pete Davidson Might Go To Jail Over Reckless Driving And Destruction Of Private Property

Pete Davidson Might Go To Jail Over Reckless Driving And Destruction Of Private Property


Guess the funny guy can’t laugh about this now.

According to a story published on Monday, more than seven weeks after he smashed his car into a Beverly Hills home, Pete Davidson may soon find out whether or not he will be facing criminal charges in connection with the incident.

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The Beverly Hills Police Department has just finished its investigation, and they have turned the matter over to the L.A. County District Attorney’s Office so that they may decide whether or not Pete will be charged for the accident.

It has been determined that drugs and alcohol did not play a role in the accident, as we initially reported; nevertheless, we are aware that Pete was going at a high rate of speed when he crashed.

You have to imagine that, at the absolute least, a reckless driving charge is on the table. Last month, Pete was driving through Beverly Hills with his girlfriend, Chase Sui Wonders, when he lost control of his Mercedes, drove through someone’s yard, and crashed into the side of their house.

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Recent reports indicate that Pete Davidson and his co-star Chase Sui Wonders were spotted in attendance at a New York Rangers game at Madison Square Garden in New York City on Monday, January 9, 2022.

Several people who spoke as eyewitnesses said they saw them making out in a Brooklyn coffee shop as the comic viewed something on his phone. The photographs, which can be seen on this page, show the actress putting her arm around Davidson while leaning in closer to her.

Chase was not injured in the accident, and nobody was hurt. Even though Pete was not arrested at the accident scene, this did not mean he was acquitted of wrongdoing.

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It is essential to note that the District Attorney will take over the case. Although the D.A. is often responsible for handling felony cases, it can also handle misdemeanor charges in Beverly Hills.

Even though she was home alone at the time of the accident, the girl of 16 years old did not get any injuries due to it. The funnyman had crashed into the corner of her living room.

However, the small girl was a bit disturbed by the experience because she was under the impression that the boom of the collision signaled the beginning of an earthquake, as her father had earlier explained to the same outlet.

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