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“Pretty Messy”: Erika Jayne Speaks Up About The Chaos Caused By Denise Richards!


This housewife is a real headache.

The Bravolebrity and pop sensation teases the upcoming reality show episode on a “Virtual Reali-Tea” podcast to promote her new Las Vegas residency, “Bet It All on Blonde.” In a series of questions inspired by her discography, beginning with her signature single, Erika Jayne discloses which co-stars have had the prettiest and messiest on-screen behavior. 

“The prettiest is always Garcelle [Beauvais] because she’s always so composed,” she says, praising the 56-year-old “Coming 2 America” actress. “The messiest?” Jayne proceeds. “I think Kyle [Richards] and Sutton [Stracke] get into it a little bit.”

The performer mentions “RHOBH” alum Denise Richards, who stopped by 54-year-old Kyle’s house for a “weed dinner” last month. “Well, wait. Denise visited,” Jayne says, adding that Denise attempted to make a disturbance. 

Jayne responds, “Put me down for both!” when asked who is giving the least amount of Fs this season and who she is giving the least amount of Fs about this season, in allusion to her song “How Many F—ks?”

As for who is the most reckless and offensive, as the singer purrs in “Xxpen$ive,” she has no difficulty claiming the labels. “Probably me!” she exclaims with a chuckle. “That’s my job.”

Jayne was asked who is causing her the most headaches this season, prompting her to grasp ibuprofen when her song “Painkillr” was played. “Oh, jeez. They all occasionally grate on my nerves!” she remarks. “It depends solely on the day. I believe we all grate on each other’s nerves.”

Jayne invites her castmates to her Sin City concerts, which begin on August 25 at the House of Blues at Mandalay Bay and continue through December. “They were all extremely supportive, and they were all invited to the performance,” she says. “I would love to have everyone there.”

However, when the time arrives, she is most eager to party with Dorit Kemsley on the Strip. “Dorit Kemsley, she’s a good time,” Jayne says of her friend, with whom she has made restitution after joking at BravoCon 2022 that Kemsley and her husband, Paul “PK” Kemsley, would be the next “Beverly Hills” couple to split. 

“Dorit and then Kyle,” Jayne continues. “Everyone else is relatively [tame], but Dorit is a lot of fun.” The performer informs us that “Bet It All on Blonde” will be featured partially on “RHOBH” but will be explored in greater depth in a particular unscripted project. 

She explains, “I am bringing the audience into the making of ‘Bet It All on Blonde,’ which is wonderful. Because ‘Housewives’ is ‘Housewives,’ it’s an ensemble cast. You only get so much of the narrative because you tell everyone’s life. However, this will allow supporters to see the entire performance.”

Jayne also excitedly remarked that she could not wait for rehearsals to begin. “We have not yet begun rehearsals because we are still shooting ‘Housewives. And I will immediately begin that when we are finished,” she says.

“However, we have begun mounting the show in terms of stage renderings and all the entertaining elements. Then we must create costumes, cast, and compile a set list.” Jayne is concurrently recording other music to enhance the spectacle. “Therefore, we are juggling several tasks,” she acknowledges. 

Despite the immense chaos in organizing a Las Vegas residency, Jayne is grateful for the creative work that awaits her after an extended musical hiatus. Being so close to my estranged husband Tom Girardi’s embezzlement scandal really stifle my creativity,” she says of her unfortunate proximity to the scandal. 

Jayne elaborates, “It’s difficult to be creative and inspired when there are so many heavy things. Returning to creativity and inspiration has been enjoyable. And I eagerly anticipate sharing that on stage.”

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