Tori Spelling's Look Leaves Fans Mistaking Her for Khloé Kardashian

Tori Spelling’s Look Leaves Fans Mistaking Her for Khloé Kardashian


Is she trying to emulate one of the family member's looks?

Few families have created as much talk as the Kardashians in the realm of celebrity rumors. This family has frequently been scrutinized and conjectured, particularly concerning their looks.

Fans have long argued about whether the sisters underwent cosmetic surgeries to acquire their otherworldly appearances, with some even asserting they now look entirely different from how they did when their reality series “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” first aired in 2007. 

However, more people than just the Kardashians themselves are being scrutinized. Fans recently expressed surprise after seeing a snapshot of Tori Spelling uploaded on Instagram, with many speculating that she resembles Khloé Kardashian. 

The Kardashian sisters, Kim and Kourtney, have always denied having cosmetic surgery, but Khloé ultimately admitted to obtaining Botox or fillers that had left her unable to make facial expressions. But she later “dissolved” them because she thinks it made her look “crazy.”

Similarly, in her September 4, 2021, Instagram post, Tori Spelling faced rumors about her own looks, with some claiming she had Botox, fillers, and breast augmentation. This also prompted people to comment on her uncanny similarity to Khloé.

The actress has acknowledged having her nose and breasts done in the past, but “that’s it” in terms of plastic surgery, claiming that her new appearance is the result of contouring and a skincare routine. However, it wasn’t a sufficient justification given that plastic surgeons have also commented and described the work they think Spelling may have undergone.

With people already speculating about whether other celebrities are trying to imitate their appearance, it is evident that the Kardashians’ impact goes beyond their immediate family. 

The similarities between these celebrities are uncanny, although it is difficult to tell with certainty what surgeries each one has had. And given how much controversy Spelling’s photo has generated, it seems unlikely that the rumors will ever stop.

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