Lisa Marie Presley Sets The Record Straight: Elvis' Favorite Sandwich Was Not What You Think

Lisa Marie Presley Sets The Record Straight: Elvis’ Favorite Sandwich Was Not What You Think


Do you want to try his infamous sandwich, or is your clubhouse sandwich enough?

Elvis Presley is a music legend whose legacy continues to captivate fans more than four decades after his death. But Elvis’ favorite sandwich has been the subject of rumors and legends for years, with many claiming to have the recipe for the iconic treat.

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The peanut butter and banana creation that was fried in butter has become synonymous with the king of rock and roll. Still, his daughter Lisa Marie Presley set the records straight regarding the infamous rumor surrounding the treat. 

In a 1996 BBC Four documentary, Lisa disclosed that she once asked their longtime Graceland cook, Mary Jenkins Langston, to replicate the said sandwich her father had on the road one morning for breakfast. Jenkins attempted to grill the bread while adding peanut butter and finely sliced bananas, but Lisa was unimpressed with either of the way she made it.

But her grandfather, Vernon Presley, recommended that Jenkins toast the bread before cooking it in butter, and this extra step produced the sandwich that Elvis loved. 

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Also, for every three sandwiches, Jenkins revealed using two sticks of butter, rotating the sandwiches as they absorbed the butter to Elvis’ preference, in a separate interview with The New York Times.

Despite the story of making the famous sandwich, Lisa Marie claims she never saw her father eat the legendary fried peanut butter and banana sandwiches that are so closely associated with him. However, in a Good Morning America interview, she shared some of her favorite moments with her father.

“What I remember is him waking me up to do things, you know?” she opened up at that time. “Like, get in the golf cart and take me, you know, for a ride in the middle of the night, in the wee hours of the morning, or at some point when he probably shouldn’t have been doing that. It was always really special for me to get in the car – you know, golf cart with him, be alone with him.”

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