Viral Video: $100 Million Yacht Of Capri Sun Billionaire Crashes Into Caribbean Yacht Club

Viral Video: $100 Million Yacht Of Capri Sun Billionaire Crashes Into Caribbean Yacht Club

The shocking moment was caught on camera, sending waves to the elite community.

Imagine a turquoise blue boat with all of these amenities—a hospital, helipad, swimming pool, steam room, gym, and even a miniature version of the yacht called the “limousine”—on board. Sounds like a James Bond movie, don’t you think?

The said yacht belongs to a real-life billionaire named Hans-Peter Wild, who made his fortune through a natural food ingredient company that created Capri Sun. But as impressive as this yacht, named “Go,” may be, it’s not invincible.

In fact, earlier in 2021, “Go” collided with a Caribbean yacht club due to a problem with the onboard computer system. This shocking crash was captured on camera with different angles to better see the exact incident caused by the super yacht.

The yacht slammed into the pier twice in a matter of minutes, as observed by the patrons at the Sint Maarten Yacht Club on the Caribbean island of Saint Martin. The automated navigation went crazy because the onboard computer system had a problem.

But don’t worry, Hans-Peter Wild’s $3 billion in wealth means that he can afford to pay for any damage that his opulent ship may do. Besides, before the incident, the estimated cost of the yacht spend to be constructed was $100 million.

Rudolf Wild, Hans-Peter’s father, established “Zick-Zack Werk,” a business that sells natural food ingredients, in 1931. Later changing its name to “WILD,” the business focused on producing components for non-alcoholic natural beverages, which were then utilized by other businesses to create everything from ice cream to beverages. 

In the middle of the 1960s, WILD developed a ground-breaking technique that allowed drink liquid to be directly pumped into plastic pouches by assembly line equipment, greatly simplifying mass production.

After two years of product development and testing, WILD introduced the new fruity beverage, “Capri Sun,” in 1969. The term “Sonne”—the German word for sun—was used as inspiration for the name, which gathers up thoughts of enjoying the beverage while lounging on a sunny day on an Italian island. 

In no time, Capri Sun rose to the top of the non-alcoholic natural beverage industry in Europe, and in 1994, it accomplished the same feat in the US. Following his father’s passing in 1995, Hans- Peter became chairman and CEO of Wild and established Capri Sun as a household name.

Later on, Hans-Peter made $2 billion through the sale of Wild Flavors GmbH, which American global food processing business Archer-Daniels-Midland bought in July 2014 for $3 billion in cash. Through his Capri Sun Group Holding, more of a licensing corporation than an operating company with headquarters in Switzerland, he personally owns 100% of Capri Sun.

Lastly, Hans-Peter Wild also owns a professional rugby team, in addition to the $100 million yacht with opulent facilities and his company, Capri Sun. Simply said, he can pay for the damages his own yacht made without breaking a sweat.