Mike Tyson's Ultra-Rare Ferrari F50 Sells For Record-Breaking Price

Mike Tyson’s Ultra-Rare Ferrari F50 Sells For Record-Breaking Price


This is a knockout auction considering it sells for an ultra-rare sum.

With the sale of premium vehicles valued at $456 million, the Monterey Car Week car auction broke previous sales records in 2022. Several sold cars, such as a Bugatti EB110, a Lamborghini Countach LP500, a Ferrari F40, and a Ferrari F512M, were priced at records for their respective models.

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A Ferrari F50 that former heavyweight boxing champion Mike Tyson formerly owned was one of the most sought-after automobiles at the auction. Only 349 examples of the Ferrari F50 were made between 1995 and 1997, and only 55 of those were created for the US market, making it an “ultra-rare” car. 

In 1995, the F50 had a retail price of $475,000, but Ferrari hand-picked the purchasers and required them to lease the vehicle for a number of years, raising the actual cost of ownership significantly. Tyson’s F50, which was sold at the auction, was completed on February 13, 1996, and was one of the 55 F50s built for the US market. 

After serving a four-year jail sentence, Tyson bought the said vehicle in 1996 from a luxury car broker. But in 2001, he sold it to Kevin Marcus because of financial issues. Marcus, an early employee of InfoSpace, a search engine that existed before Google, bought the car a year before the dotcom bubble broke.

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When InfoSpace went public in 1998, the share price skyrocketed, making Marcus and fellow ground-floor employees instant millionaires. However, the stock price eventually dropped, and Marcus sold the F50 to a collector in Atlanta in 2005.

Tyson’s F50 sold for $4,625,000 at the August 2022 sale, surpassing the previous F50 record established in March 2022 but falling short of the auction house’s $5 million estimate. Unfortunately, there is no information about the new owner as it was not disclosed.

Meanwhile, vintage models and modern hypercars were also among the many luxurious vehicles offered at the auction. But the new record sale indicates that the luxury car market remains strong.

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