“1923” Season 2 Theory Exposes Alex’s Secret Pregnancy With John Dutton II

“1923” Season 2 Theory Exposes Alex’s Secret Pregnancy With John Dutton II

Fans are excited to know whether this theory is true.

The first season of the suspenseful drama series “1923” came to a thrilling conclusion, leaving fans anticipating the outcome of numerous important plotlines. The destiny of star-crossed lovers Alex and Spencer is one of them as their tumultuous trip took an unexpected turn onboard the RMS Mauretania. 

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As Season 2 approaches, an intriguing theory has surfaced that Alex is already pregnant with none other than John Dutton II, adding a new level of intricacy to their narrative. Spencer and Alex’s ex-fiance, Arthur, the Earl of Sussex, got into a physical argument aboard the tragic ocean ship in the heartbreaking season finale.

Tragically, after a furious battle, Spencer mistakenly killed Arthur by throwing him off the ship after the latter pulled a gun. Spencer then is ordered to exit at the following port, which causes him to be separated from his loving wife despite being absolved of murder charges because of self-defense.

Alex begs Spencer to meet her in Bozeman, Montana because she is dying to see him again and believes that this place holds the key to their future. The intriguing possibility that Alex could already be carrying Spencer’s kid has arisen as Season 2 approaches, adding a new layer of mystery and challenges to their upcoming reunion.

Alex’s episodes of motion sickness aboard the ship may have actually been symptoms of morning sickness, according to hints buried throughout the Season 1 finale. A possible reason for Alex’s failure to chase Spencer as he drifts away on the dinghy might be found in this little detail, which suggests that Alex is well aware of her pregnancy.

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Additionally, a touching exchange between Alex and her confidante Jennifer aboard the ship raises the significance of heritage and family. When Jennifer mentions how important Alex’s ancestry and social status are, Alex firmly responds, “The only family I’m thinking of is the one I’m starting.” 

This conversation seems to support the idea that Alex is genuinely conscious of her pregnancy and is placing a higher priority on her unborn child and the future it represents. While the idea of Alex traveling on a perilous journey by herself and with a kid causes safety worries, it also lends a captivating dimension of drama to the story as it develops. 

The debut of Season 2 will have fans on the edge of their seats as they anxiously await the star-crossed couple’s reunion and the safe delivery of their expected child. In addition, in an unexpected turn of events, the theory around Alex’s pregnancy connects to another recurrent theme from the show: the origins of John Dutton II. 

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Jack and Elizabeth Dutton experienced heartache in the season finale when Elizabeth learned she had miscarried and was concerned about her ability to procreate owing to a prior abdominal gunshot injury.

Although it was widely believed initially that Jack and Elizabeth were the parents of Kevin Costner’s character, John Dutton, an interesting possibility emerged. John Dutton II may actually be Spencer and Alex Dutton’s grandchild. 

If this rumor is accurate, “1923” Season 2 should have an exciting plot with Alex possibly giving birth to the Dutton family’s successor, who the renowned Dabney Coleman will portray from the highly regarded series “Yellowstone.”