Who’s Richer, Diana Jenkins or Kyle Richards? RHOBH

Who’s Richer, Diana Jenkins or Kyle Richards? RHOBH


Diana Jenkins is richer than Kyle Richards. Diana Jenkins has a net worth of $300,000,000, and Kyle Richards has a net worth of $100,000,000. This means Diana Jenkins is approximately $200,000,000 richer than Kyle Richards.
Diana Jenkins is a castmember on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. She joined the show in season 12. Kyle Richards joined the show in season 1.

Summaries of Their Net Worth

Diana Jenkins’s Net Worth

Sanela Diana Jenkins, also known as Diana Jenkins, is a prominent Bosnian-born reality TV star based in the United States. Beyond her career in showbiz, she’s recognized as an entrepreneur, producer, and philanthropist. She recently joined the cast of “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.” In 2021, her estimated net worth was $300 million, primarily stemming from a divorce settlement with her ex-husband, British financier Roger Jenkins, in 1999. Despite her substantial wealth, Diana remains active in various business ventures, including ownership of the swimwear brand Melissa Odabash and her company, Neuro Drinks. Born as Sanela Dijana Catic in 1973 in Bosnia and Herzegovina, she and her family fled the country during the Bosnian War in 1992, seeking refuge in Croatia and later settling in London. She grew up in a middle-class Bosnian family, with her mother working as an accountant and her father as an economist. Despite the challenges they faced during their migration, Diana pursued her education and eventually made her mark in the entertainment and business industries in the United States.

Kyle Richards’s Net Worth

Kyle Richards Umansky, also known as Kyle Richards, is a well-known American actress and reality star, best recognized for her role in “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills,” which she has been a part of since its debut in 2010. She is also famous for her portrayal of Lindsey Wallace in John Carpenter’s “Halloween” (1978) and “Halloween Kills” (2021). Beyond her acting and reality TV career, she is a model, socialite, and philanthropist.

As of 2021, Kyle Richards boasts an estimated net worth of approximately $100 million, earning her the title of the ‘second richest housewife’ on the show, with her sister Kathy Hilton taking the top spot. Her substantial net worth is attributed to her years in the entertainment industry and her marriage to Real Estate Broker Mauricio Umansky, who is valued at around $120 million.

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