Who’s Richer, Angie Katsaneva or Angie Harrington? (RHSLC)

Who’s Richer, Angie Katsaneva or Angie Harrington? (RHSLC)

Angie Katsaneva is richer than Angie Harrington. Angie Katsaneva has a net worth of $5,000,000, and Angie Harrington has a net worth of $1,000,000. This means Angie Katsaneva is approximately $4,000,000 richer than Angie Harrington.
Angie Katsaneva is a castmember on The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City. She joined the show in season 3. Angie Harrington joined the show in season 1.

Summaries of Their Net Worth

Angie Katsaneva’s Net Worth

– Angie Katsanevas is a new addition to Season 3 of “The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City,” bringing her entrepreneurial spirit to the show.
– She co-founded Lunatic Fringe with her husband, Shawn Trujillo, and their combined efforts have grown the business significantly, with an estimated net worth exceeding $5 million.
– The salon network has expanded to ten branches across four states over two decades, showcasing their success in the beauty industry.
– Angie and Shawn’s partnership began over 25 years ago, blossoming from a shared passion for hairstyling into a successful business and family life, including their 10-year-old daughter, Elektra.
– Their ambition led them to open their own salon after working together for over four years, followed by the expansion into Idaho with a second location five years later, reflecting their desire to impact beyond Salt Lake City.
– Lunatic Fringe has earned national acclaim, being named one of the top 100 salons by Elle Magazine, and has been featured in InStyle, Modern Salon, American Salon, and other prestigious publications.
– The salon’s stylists have gained industry recognition, winning NAHA awards and being featured in industry publications like Behind the Chair, Cut and Dry, and Canadian Hair Dresser, highlighting their excellence and innovation in hairstyling.

Angie Harrington’s Net Worth

– Angie Harrington is known for her roles as an American fashion influencer, businesswoman, and cast member of “Real Housewives of Salt Lake City.”
– Her advocacy for the LGBTQ+ community has been a significant aspect of her storyline on RHOSLC.
– Her estimated net worth is between $100 thousand and $1 million, highlighting her success in the digital and business realms.
– Angie has built a considerable following on platforms like Instagram and Facebook, becoming a well-regarded social media personality.
– She married Chris Harrington, President of Global Revenue and CRO at Entrata, in 2017, and they share a son named Hart.
– Despite her public persona, Angie prefers maintaining a relatively private lifestyle, focusing on her business and family.
– She founded “The Fashion Ruse,” a fashion and lifestyle blog aimed at helping individuals look and feel their best on any budget, demonstrating her commitment to accessible fashion.
– Angie is also a devoted mother, frequently sharing moments with her children and family on social media, emphasizing her values of family and personal connection.

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