Nas Daily Being Cancelled in the Philippines?


Whang Od Oggay is a traditional tattoo artist from Buscalan, Kalinga. An online course to be apparently educated by her about her journey and instructional exercise in traditional Kalinga tattoo making was brought down from a digital learning platform, Nas Academy by vlogger Nas Daily after Whang-Od’s granddaughter, Gracia Palicas, called it a scam and non-consented. Also, because of objections yet no assertion or conciliatory sentiment. (Staff, 2021)

Nas Daily is a vlogger who is generally remarkable for having made 1,000 daily one-minute recordings on Facebook under the page Nas Daily. (Nas Daily, 2021). The said course was promising and sounds energizing since in just an amount of P750, students are offered lifetime admittance to the materials that include three recordings going from four and a half minutes to more than 18 minutes in length and two live meetings with mentors. Whang Od did not signed a contract and had not in fact understood what the Nas Academy team was saying based on the Facebook post made by Palicas.

The course became the provoking start for Filipinos accusing Nas Daily other issues that are in line with exploiting cultures. People are curious to how Nas Daily will respond to all the accusations. One of twitter users said that the Government ought to intercede given Whang-Od’s place in their social legacy.  The said tweet got a massive response and a lot agreed with it. The intentions may be good however the approaches to do a customary tattoo is antiquated; it’s a traditional practice for a reason. The Filipino people hoped that Nas and the team will explain, apologize, and compensate to the community.

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