20 Years Later and Only Americans are Defeated

While America continues to abide by the Patriot Act, the Taliban became stronger; the prisoners we released are now in charge in Afghanistan and were provided with weapons. This year’s September 11 marks two decades since terrorists attacked the United States, leaving thousands of casualties. To everyone’s dismay, the tragedy is far from over as […]

Democrats Support Throwing People Out of Their Homes if They’re Not Vaccinated

A landlord in Florida plans on evicting his tenants if they will not provide proof of vaccination against COVID-19. Although Florida’s Republican Governor Ron DeSantis declared that everyone in the state has the right to refuse COVID-19 shots, a landlord still insists on enforcing vaccination requirements and threatens tenants with eviction. Landlords complying with the […]

Vaccine Mandates Are Futile; Data Shows COVID-19 Survival Rate Is High Among All Age Groups

Forcing the public to take vaccinations seems unnecessary as statistics reveal a high survival rate for COVID-19 among all ages. If you catch Covid, what is your chance of survival? Age Infection Survival Rate0-19 99.9973%20-29 99.986%30-39 99.969%40-49 99.918%50-59 99.73%60-69 99.41%70+ 97.6% (no care home)70+ 94.5% (all)https://t.co/WIXjEUkHWH — InProportion2 (@InProportion2) September 10, 2021 The recent executive […]

AOC’s 2021 Met Gala Shoe Cost Could Sustain A Family for a Month

AOC speak out against unfair elite taxes while wearing luxury items that could feed a family for a month at a private event for the rich. Woman of the people: The cost of AOC's Met Gala shoes could have fed an American family for a month https://t.co/grZWOumxvg — Not the Bee (@Not_the_Bee) September 14, 2021 […]

Pelosi Opposed Vaccine Mandates in April, says ‘we cannot require someone to be vaccinated’

A video recorded in April showing U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi denouncing forced COVID-19 shots emerged online after Biden ordered vaccine mandates for federal employees and contractors. Nancy Pelosi said this in April: https://t.co/0ZSrb68tFx — CNSNews (@cnsnews) September 12, 2021 In the video clip, Pelosi was interviewed about the idea of administering complete vaccinations to […]

Abbott’s New Texas Bill Blocks Social Media Platforms from Censoring ‘Conservative Viewpoints and Ideas’

Texas Governor Greg Abbott signed a bill Thursday prohibiting social media sites from suppressing conservative political standpoints. Texas Gov. Greg Abbott signs bill banning social media sites from booting users based on their politics https://t.co/14HxYwlg6g — Daily Mail US (@DailyMail) September 12, 2021 Under the new legislation, Texans will be given equal opportunity to express […]

Trump Commemorates 9/11 Anniversary In a Surprise Visit to NY Police and Firefighters

Former President Donald Trump honors the 20th anniversary of the September 11 terrorist attacks in a surprise visit to NYC emergency departments.   Former President Donald Trump visits NYPD | Via The New York Post Trump’s unannounced appearance coincided with his condemnation of the disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan under Joe Biden’s administration. “It was gross […]

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck Red-Carpet Debut – Again!

The couple made their relationship official as they walked together as a couple at the Venice Film Festival. Jennifer Lopez showed her support to her beau, Ben Affleck at the Venice Film Festival for the premiere of “The Last Duel”, which he co-wrote with Matt Damon about the assault of an aristocrat in archaic France […]