Jimmy Kimmel: Unvaccinated Patients Shouldn’t Be Granted With ICU Beds


TV host and comedian Jimmy Kimmel joked that unvaccinated patients do not deserve ICU beds when hospitals become crowded and say they are “pan-dimwits.”

On Tuesday, ABC’s late-night talk show host Kimmel throws a banter against unvaccinated Americans, triggering reactions on social media. According to him, only those who have been vaccinated are eligible for an ICU bed.

The live show where Kimmel was delivering his monologue looked fun until the soaring cases of COVID-19 were suddenly injected. “Dr. Fauci said if hospitals get any more crowded, they’re going to have to make some very tough choices about who gets an ICU bed…that choice doesn’t seem so tough to me,” he remarked.

The comedian-host then suggests hospitals prioritize vaccinated patients in life-and-death situations and not concern themselves with patients who refused vaccinations. “Vaccinated person having a heart attack? Yes, come right on in, we’ll take care of you. Unvaccinated guy, who gobbled horse goo? Rest in peace, wheezy,” Kimmel joked.

He also talked about Americans misusing Ivermectin, a parasitic infection treatment medication, which many assumed was effective against COVID-19. Recently, this drug has been attributed to a rise in hospitalizations, prompting him to call them “pan-dimwits.”

Kimmel finds it unreasonable why they would choose Ivermectin over the vaccine. “People are still taking this Ivermectin. The poison control center has seen a spike in calls from people taking this livestock medicine to fight the coronavirus, but they won’t take the vaccine. It’s like if you’re a vegan and you’re like, ‘No, I don’t want a hamburger, give me that can of Alpo instead.'”

A significant number of COVID cases have been reported this year as compared to Labor Day 2020, which Kimmel used as an opportunity to express his political views about vaccine mandates.

Data provided by Johns Hopkins University shows COVID-19 cases tripled from 39,000 in the previous year to 137,000 by Labor Day 2021.

However, one thing must be clarified: Is it okay to poke fun at life and death situations for political reasons?

Reactions to Jimmy Kimmel Saying Unvaccinated Patients Shouldn't Be Granted With ICU Beds


Sewer brain‼️

I can't understand this sort of persecution.


Guess that Hippocratic Oath was just a selling point. If I were a medical professional, I’d treat the vaccinated and the unvaccinated.

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