Harlem Residents: Bring back the police! Libs were wrong!


After condemnation from politicians, BLM, and protestors, people realize crime is bad without police. Who knew?

Residents of Harlem claim that gun violence hasn’t been this bad since the 80’s.

Crime has been down since Republican Mayor Giuliani has taken office, but two terms of far-left de Blasio has returned NYC to a deadly place.

“We need the plainclothes back out there because we are losing these kids and we’re losing them at a record number,” he said. “Families are crying out to say no more bloodshed.” PIX11

Crime is up throughout the city. We have to turn back the clock on the idiotic policies that have been created.

Reactions to call for more police presence in Harlem

Again, you don’t have a right to refuse a lawful order from a police officer during a lawful stop. Why can’t you comprehend that? You want a society where you don’t have police, come live in Harlem in nyc. Where they got rid of plain clothes officers and shootings are up 400%

What do you think?